Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CrowdStrike Is The Name

Of the mythological missing server.

(I have no idea; that’s just what donnie keeps bleating about).

It is said to have been taken by Joseph of Arimathea to Ukraine.


I have a suggestion.

I picture a round table with donnie, the Second Biggest Little Green Man, presiding over a convocation of knights of the realm: Crazy Rudy, Fat Mike I, Fat Mike II, Gordon the Hotelier, Bret the Beer Drinker, Super Skier, Stevie the Impaler, Mick the Multi-Processor  and Kellyanne, among others.

From that round table they must all be sent forth unto all the lands of the world mounted upon ivory white steeds in search of that server.

The fate of the Republic rests upon it: absence is sometimes liberty’s best defense.

The Second Biggest Little Green Man

Based on the testimony so far, donnie doesn’t give a shit about Ukraine.

However, he does deeply appreciate the value of Ukraine as a story line for his re-election campaign – you know, donnie refuses anti-Russian military assistance until Ukraine says some critical words: “we are investigating the Bidens (they don’t need to actually do it, just say it)”

Withholding that aid strengthens the Biggest Little Green Man in his war in eastern Ukraine.

And donnie withheld that military aid.

So I guess that makes donnie – a huge, fat, orange-hued hulk – the Second Biggest Little Green Man.

That makes the president of the United States a vassal of the president of Russia.

But I guess we already knew that.

Kinda unsettling.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Difference Between A Noun And A Verb …

… can make a sentence mean something quite different from what its utterer intended.

donnie has attacked two Washington Post reporters, calling them “lowlife reporters”.

I am surprised that donnie would so accurately describe himself as “lowlife”.

I would guess the reporters would have gone no farther than to describe themselves as “presidential reporters”.

I would have said that they were reporters of slime in the white house, but reporting “lowlife” is close enough for now.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

donnie’s Defense Metamorphoses

At first the republicans said “ what a ridiculous assertion, that the the president could be guilty of malfeasance”.

Then, as things developed they said “he is just exercising executive authority”.

Then, as facts that Kellyanne couldn’t assign to alternate oblivion began to mount,  they switched to process: “donnie is  the victim of a left wing Marxist witch hunt”.

Then, as quite a few believable officials began to testify, the refrain changed to “yeah he did all of that but, illegal though it is, it’s not a high crime or misdemeanor “.

And finally: as the noose has begun to close around the fatty orange neck of donnie the dildo, the republicans have gone into the mattress place: “yeah he did all of that but it’s not a high crime or misdemeanor because donnie is too stupid to pull off that sort of high crime or misdemeanor”.

I knew that ultimately we would all come together and agree on something,

Monday, November 4, 2019

Onan Redux

Given all the things that donnie pulls out of, it’s a wonder that he has any kids at all.

Maybe the cretin-like results that exist speak for what Onanism results in?

When we get a decent President, I suggest that we initiate a study:

Do donnie’s kids show genetic proclivities?

Or, were they the result of Partial insemination?

(That’s a post-trumpian form of biologic study.)

But the Ukrainians and the Syrian Kurds aren’t laughing.

Big oil loves the Cretin Generator, though.

I was just thinking of Paris.

High Hopes

From the moment I first heard him speak I have felt that a once in a century leader was trying to get my attention.

He got it.

Back several months ago I posted that I had hope; that was because I could imagine a Democratic ticket with Bernie for President and Mayor Pete for VP.

A late term revolutionary paired with the future of America.

What could be better?

Since then, much though I revere Bernie, and will vote for him if he is the nominee, I believe that America again may live up to the statement once uttered by Otto von Bismarck: “God has a special Providence for drunks, little children and the United States of America”.

Until 2016, that has always tracked as true.

In 2016 that train came off the track.

However: maybe 2016 was just the exception to prove the Bismarck rule.

Maybe we are better than being led by a criminal, sex offender and psychopathic liar.

We shall see.

I have posted several ideas about how durable is the xenophobic, racist and psychotic thing that is trumpism; but maybe von Bismarck will prove right again.


Pete has the same magic that John Kennedy had.

I was 18 in 1960 so I couldn’t vote for him; but I would have.

So when I noticed that Pete was using the same theme song that John Kennedy used in 1960, I was pleased.

I have high hopes.

But we need the Senate.

And we must keep the House.

And remember this: John Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic to be elected President.

Maybe the same theme song can cast the magic of repeating history of firsts.

What I Would Do

donnie’s trial will most likely take place in early 2020.

That will take the top three Democratic Presidential candidates out of campaign circulation for up to six weeks.

If there were any chance of a guilty verdict that campaign inconvenience would be totally worthwhile.

But as long as the republicans march in lock step under the banner “The Constitution Be Damned; Retention Of Power Is Paramount” guilty is not in the cards, no matter the evidence.

The only good news in that is that that will cede the field to Mayor Pete.

But I would rather see him win in combat, not by default.

So what would I do if I were Nancy Pelosi?

I would do what I think she has been planning all along.

I would introduce a bill of censure for impeachable and criminal conduct by donnie.

The acts being censured would be:

1.  Massive violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution:  there are so many they could be aggregated in one summary sentence with a final clause saying “and he most recently tried to shake down the G7 by designating his property as the site for the next G7 meeting”.

2.  Rigging the 2016 Presidential Election:  Cambridge Analytica gave the necessary data to the Russians; Paul Manafort gave the specific polling data to the Russians, which in concert with Cambridge Analytica set up a surgically precise voter repression campaign, such that, in four states, 70,000 voters in aggregate across those states were repressed from voting, tipping the Electoral College in favor of donnie.

3.  Obstruction of Justice: ten counts are laid out by Mueller and a plethora of follow on examples exist from the impeachment investigation.

4.  Trying to rig the 2020 Presidential Election:  even the highly edited account released by donnie of the 25 July 2019 phone call to Zelinsky tells that tale clearly; massive follow on testimony fleshes out what happened, including the fact that the real transcript of the phone call is hidden on a secret server; which leads to:

5. Cover up.

And then all the candidates can get back to campaigning.

And that Bill of Censure can then become the ethics component of the 2020 Democratic election campaign.

That component can be interleaved with the other important campaign issues: health care, immigration, putting tax law and policy into synch with a modern democracy, not, as it currently is, a law to create a new class of serfs out of the majority of the non-billionaire population, and re building Pax Americana and its attendant state of American world leadership, after four years of catastrophic dismantling of the previously multi decade successful American System.

And then we will vote.

And then we will see whether the citizens of the United States want to continue having a criminal for president.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Reprise On Thoughts On Boeing

On 15 May of this year I finally got straight how to say what I thought about the Boeing Debacle.

When I posted it, it felt good.

I was pleased with what I had said and how I had said it.

I felt that I was correct.

The recent Boeing appearance before the Senate and the House of Representatives has reinforced that feeling.

So why did so few read what I had said?

Influencer, I clearly am not.

But I feel strongly enough about the debacle, and about its causes that I am going to re-post my 15 May observation.

Here it is.

Thoughts On Boeing

By the time I was born in early World War Two Boeing had become a great company.

That greatness was the result of a fortuitous confluence of factors.

A high level distillation of those factors can be described: great organized labor, great entrepreneurial management and great get-your-hands-on-the-products-and-processes executives, all three of whom were imbued with deep scientific curiosity, engineering ability and fanatic commitment to quality.

And those managers, engineers and other skilled workers and executives lived – together daily – on the shop floor.

And – I think this is probably true; it’s hard to imagine otherwise given the culture of those long ago times – they all ended up after hours in the same Renton, bars, grills and taverns; they probably kept talking – in the egalitarian environment that bars, grills and taverns can foster – shop: what was ahead of schedule; what was behind schedule; what was going well; what was screwed up; how to keep getting better and how to fix the problems.

That all produced airplanes like the 70 year old B52 which is still a central part of America’s air war capability.

Or the, until Max 8, flawless (yeah I haven’t forgotten the batteries, but that got fixed quickly and transparently and permanently) string of 7XX airliners.

Have you ever seen the 707 doing barrel rolls over Lake Washington?

So how could that company get to the Max 8?

Of course I don’t know.

But I think it has to do with the fact that a few years back a cadre of executives having no cultural or hereditary relationship to the Renton Culture decided that they needed to remove themselves from the sweaty stench of the managers and workers.

They moved off to Chicago and began thinking great thoughts in tall buildings.

In that environment, far from “the egalitarian environment that bars, grills and taverns can foster” it is easy to imagine how executives could have spun – to each other – a plane whose design point: quick production, cheap cost and no pilot training, but which was really a lumbering disaster needing sensors and software to keep it from crashing, as a no sweat slam dunk.

And then they spun it, slam dunked it and lied, misrepresented and obfuscated its problems, not the least of which is that the spinners are all off in Chicago.

And two planeloads of human beings have died because of the ivory tower spinners.

I think the Chicago tribe should all be fired and replaced post haste, with promoted-from-within managers and workers from Renton.

And their prime directive should be get back to the bars after work and hammer out – once more and again – what it means to be a great company: what it means to be Boeing, a Seattle company.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Une Bonne Idée

I understand donnie is going to privatize the National Parks.

He’s asking our “National Treasure” entertainment companies to bid on taking over management of the system.

It all started when somebody told him what “Grand Tetons” meant in English.

Initially that new knowledge resulted in an X rated tweet.

And that apparently got him to thinking.

“Uh Oh” was heard myriad times over the next two days.

But then he began pontificating on the subject:

“It’s like I always say – you all know I always say this – you’ve got to monetize, monetize, monetize”.

Once Yellowstone has been “re-imagineered” as “Grizzly-Wapato Land” there are plans to build a trump tower covering Old Faithful.

The idea is to hook the geyser into the plumbing system of the tower with ultimate terminuses in the huge array of solid gold toilets to be installed in each of the massively over-stated guest rooms.

“The Enema of a Lifetime” is the proposed tag line for the massive national multi-media ad campaign soon to be launched by trump media, a joint venture of donnie, jared and harvey weinstein.

They like that tagline so well they are discussing how to use it in the 2020 campaign.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Short PG& E Animation - - Updated

A little earlier this month I posted a prediction.
It hasn't happened yet, but just wait a bit.
Here it is again:

There is a high likelihood of widespread, long term, high wind events in part of California.
The last few times this has happened there have been some fairly catastrophic fires started by PG&E equipment.

So this time PG&E is going to turn off the power over the expected areas at risk for the duration of the time of expected risk.

Apparently that’s a big area for a long time.

Forgetting the massive inconvenience, converging on outright danger, that such an action will levy on the citizens of California, PG&E is looking at the  REALLY important aspect of their impending action: revenue loss.

As an offset to that extremely disturbing phenomenon PG&E is instituting the “Fire Danger Service Fee”.

It will be levied in advance, starting now.

It will be the expected gross revenue loss times the “Fire Danger Service Fee Uplift” (25%) divided by the number of rate payers.

If the actual revenue loss turns out to be less than estimates, PG&E gets to keep the total levy; “the service rendered was so effective that significant fire danger over expectations constituted a such a valuable service that it is only fair that the Company gets to keep the difference” was a statement issued by PG&E’s Vice President of “Community Communication Services” today in conjunction with the Service Fee’s announcement.

If the actual revenue loss is greater the rate payers pay the difference, calculated the same as the initial charge.

There was silence about the value the community will receive for this “adjustment service” but it is thought to be extensive.

All of this is only fair; after all, there should be a charge to the rate payers for the service of avoiding having their towns burned down.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New PG&E Billboard

Remember The Women"s March?

It was an outpouring of women - and some men - onto the streets of America on 21 January 2017, the day after the darkest day in World History.

I propose we celebrate the third anniversary of that event on 21 January 2020 with "The Lock Him Up Rally And March".

This one should include all the decent residents of America, even babes in arms.

With any luck, as with the Women's March, we may get the rest of the world to join us on that day.

And maybe, if we do it, this trump campaign poster will be made invalid.

Maybe we can begin to undo the damage.

If not, we might at least feel better.