Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

soup a l'oignon

This is what we had for dinner tonight.
It's a New York Times recipe.
I have modified the carmelization instructions to use one seven quart cast iron contrivance on the large burner of a gas stove at max heat with a lot of long handled wood spoon tossing of the onion fragments; it takes 20 minutes and they are perfectly carmelized.

Here is the progression:

And then there was a pink moon:

An American And His French Cousin

This is a chestnut backed chickadee.
I took this picture on Lopez Island.

This is a European chickadee.
I took this picture in le Jardin des Plantes in Paris.
The yellow is a nice touch.

A New Covid Remedy

I saw a woman interviewed last evening who was exiting a large multi-generational public gathering in one of the Deep Red "be free or die states".

The interviewer, holding his microphone toward her from her rolled down car window asked if she had any worries or misgivings about violating national health policy.

"Not at all; not at all; I am washed in the blood of Jesus".

I guess I have been overly optimistic about the death toll imminent.

Night Glitters On The Seine

This is another sight that I miss deeply.

Monday, April 6, 2020

A Black Turnstone

For all of you who have never seen one, or even cared to see one, here one is.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Voter Suppression In donnieLand

There was money and language in the now famous 2.2 trillion dollar disaster relief bill that was for the purpose of assuring that there would be a general election in 2020.

The money was for an all mail system.

The language laid out the guidelines for implementing that system.

The reason for the money and the language was to assure that we actually have an election in 2020, and to assure that donnie can't declare himself president for life.

The republicans took all that out of the bill.

When signing the bill into law donnie noted that there was no way he would have signed a bill that endorsed and funded an all mail voting system.

"Never be any republicans elected" he noted.

So he signed into law a bill that, by his admission implements a major nation-wide form of voter suppression.

The republican legislature of Wisconsin just said the same thing when they forced next week's election to be primarily walk in: "we can't have mail in voting; too many Democrats" was the battle cry in the state's Capital.

It's nice when the cards are all face up so you know when you're being screwed.

Too bad it's the 232 year old country known as the United States of America that is the victim.

Related Quotations:

“This will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia... Every registered voter is going to get one of these. … This will certainly drive up turnout.”
-- Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, 4/1/20

“They had levels of voting, that if you ever agreed to it you'd never have a Republican elected in this country again.”
-- President Donald Trump on Fox News, 3/30/20


Rainy day at Le Départ

Paris: A Window And A Fish

From Eglis St Séverin:

From Le Aquarium Tropical.

Fermeture de l'Aquarium Tropical:
En raison du contexte sanitaire et des annonces ministérielles, le Palais de la Porte Dorée est actuellement fermé.

En autre poisson:

Friday, April 3, 2020


This is an example of how, if a person points a camera at enough things enough times, results are occasionally superior.

Or perhaps dramatic is a better word.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Screen Saver: The Chestnuts On The Cover Of The Book

To know why the chestnuts you need to read the book.

But chestnuts, previous post, "Paris Soon To Be Seen" being exhibit A, are beautiful things.

Their little palm tree greens when they first pop in spring; their morbid grey bark in the deep of winter; their hummingbird narcotic flowers as the leaves begin to mature; and their full blown, just at the cusp of summer leaves are all things of beauty; and they tell a tale of the cycle, the clock, the grinding never ending march of time, and its inevitable, accelerating run to oblivion.

Not bad for a plant.

Paris: Soon To Be Seen

This picture was really taken in Genesee Meadows in Seattle.
Screen Saver served this one rather than the ones in le Jardin de Luxembourg.
Maybe the real thing later...
But, if and when, they will look pretty much like this.
And, I think, they are pretty.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cuomo's Reach

We  have decided to live - or die - it out at our home on an Island.

That's - surprisingly - north of Victoria, so, it's north of Canada.

We have taken to spending a part of each morning watching the daily Andrew Cuomo briefing.

New York is a long way from our Island, and it's similarities - a huge state with a huge population, most of which lives in a huge, but dense city - to a small island with a few thousand people in the Salish Sea are, at first thought, non existent.

But, a little more thinking reveals an interesting fact: Islanders like us, just like New Yorkers, are Americans; like New Yorkers, we want to continue living, and we look to experts, reinforced by leaders, for facts, information, candor and - yes - leadership.

Governor Cuomo is such a refreshing counterpoint to the Cavalcade of Dunces that appears daily at the White House; the Dunce in Chief fades off into a cloud of hysterical reality TV laughter when compared to the Governor.

Too bad America has a sociopath pretending to be leader, but who is actually an incompetent, a liar, a huckster, a grifter and a criminal.

How many lives is it going to take?

The dunce in chief says 100,000.

That's up quite a bit higher from where he started not long ago.

I guess, he's market driven, and 100,000 is a lot higher, and therefore better, than just a few.

But fathoming what passes as thought with donnie defies reason.

However, just when things look a little bleak something good shows up.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Way To Go Gretchen!!

In this covid crisis comic strip we are living in, it's good to see some leaders doing things.

And they must be good things if they piss off donnie the dildo.

donnie is now refusing phone calls from "that woman from Michigan".

That's a constructive and adult reaction to the crisis.

And Jay Inslee pissed him off by telling him that we don't need a second string quarterback, we need Tom Brady.

I would have though donnie would have construed that to be adoring praise from the groundlings.

But even he saw through the irony.

I haven't heard if he's taking calls from Jay.

Probably is: Jay's a man, and all that.

Don't forget: the lobbyists are coming; the lobbyists are coming.

The Hogs Line Up At The Trough

They are really fast.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

donnie's Imminent Gag Order

I have heard that Larry Kudlow - the Covid-19 Czar -  will announce soon that the White House will issue an order prohibiting any public discourse on the part of the nation's 50 governors.

"They are all out to get the president" was the terse statement accompanying the gag order.

Alternately, it is rumored that the president will announce that he is about to replace Anthony Fauci with Sarah Palin.

Something about expertise with death squads.

The gag order is expected to be expanded soon to cover every American living or dead.

No utterance, including written reference to statements made by Americans over history will be allowed until after the election.

"All those quotes from past presidents are all making the president look bad; those quotes are the culmination of a multi century plot to make president trump look bad; we just can't have this" said Mr. Kudlow.

Mike Pence stared blankly into space at the announcement meeting. 

His resemblance to Little Orphan Annie continues to amaze and amuse.

Pais: Green Shoot - Hiding Or Coming Out???


I'm guessing not.

In fact, I have a book with this on its cover; I think this is the Bourbon:

There should be fleurs de lis where the eagles/hawks/falcons are?

If anybody cares, let me know.

Especially if you are of the family.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

El Idiota

I took this picture of a community bulletin board in Rome in October 2017.

Young Robin On The Beach

This one hasn't learned yet that there aren't any worms in the sand.

It was probably attracted to the lack of competition?

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Blackbird In Paris

An Ode For donnie john

Like St George out with his dragon;

He strides a big white horse;

And he's beaten back the Covid;

A stable genius action, of course;

So we can all go out together;

Out again to play;

And the dildo gets his fondest wish:

Success election day.

A Rabbit Out Of donnie's Hat

By Easter.

A Correction To "It Was A March Beautiful Day"

It was a beautiful day.

But I called this bird a Eurasian Teal.

I shared this image with a birder friend of ours and she said that it wasn't a Eurasian teal, because Eurasian teal don't exist.

I had called it a Eurasian teal for the following reason, cut and pasted from an email:

"Also she mentioned that I had taken pictures of what I thought was a Eurasian Teal.
Actually I didn’t think that there was such a thing, but the bird that I had a picture of didn’t look like a widgeon – starting with the fact that it was smaller than a widgeon - but it did look like a teal, and was the right size.
so I did a search and got this image gallery".

That notwithstanding, our friend knows a lot more about birds than my wife and I do, so she and I - my wife and I - in tandem did more research.

My wife got the prize for research that closed the case:

"We were puzzled about Teals, so I went to Sibley and discovered that there is a Eurasian (Common) Teal that’s a subspecies of Green-winged Teal.  It’s a rare but regular visitor from Eurasia.  They hang out among flocks of Green-winged Teal and look very much like the Green-winged with the following difference:  The breeding male has a horizontal white scapular stripe, but no vertical white shoulder bar, which is an identifier of an adult breeding Green-winged Teal (Noel’s bird has that).  Interestingly, an American x Eurasian intergrade adult male has both a white bar on its breast and a white stripe on the scapular. 
So, you’re correct.  Noel’s bird is definitely a Green-winged Teal."

I hope this has made your lives in covid-ville more enjoyable than they might otherwise have been.