Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Russians Have Always Been Liars

Napoleon got pissed and went after them to his ruin.

But he had a good reason: the Russians have been liars for all of history.

They are not alone.

Lying is a human frailty.

But the Russians are historically especially good at it.

Putin competes -  as the winner of the competition - with Hitler ( as we all know, an Austrian)  for the skill.

But Putin lays just low enough on the world stage to keep lying and keep truckin’.

How nice.

So I guess that when he says that the American trained fighters in Syria that Russian planes hit were ISIS, we can trash that statement.

Or when little green men invade Ukraine, we can pretty much know what is going on.

But, really , the thing that seems to me to be troublesome is that nobody calls them/him on it.

How historically repetitive.

The thing that, it seems to me, is really scary, is when will America wake up?

And what will happen then?

I never thought I would say this, but I think nuclear war may be a good thing..

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