Friday, November 30, 2012

The Bitch From Hell

From the multiple news feeds that I get I got a story about one of the most – to me – ridiculously dangerous ( people actually vote for her) characters on the current political scene.

That would be the finger wagging governor of Arizona.

Here is a a slightly modified version of a Think Progress post and my totally original and vindictive reaction to it.

But first: she is such a silly …. four letter word that starts with “c”.

In the summer President Obama issued an administrative directive allowing some undocumented young immigrants to temporarily remain in the country, and policies to ensure that they have equal work opportunity. But on Thursday, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer reiterated her opposition to granting driver licenses to the eligible immigrants and compared them to children or people with a record of driving under the influence.

Speaking on Fox News, Brewer suggested that she would never issue licenses to undocumented immigrants even though that’s what state law says, and despite the fact that it was her executive order that “if you were here in the U.S. before the age of 16, and you are younger than the age of 31, and you’ve been here at least five years, you can stay” that created the law.

That wording – which she signed into law -  is the broad outline of the President’s proposal passed this summer.

Here is a brief excerpt from Fox News:

BREWER: “The state is the one who licenses the people to be able to drive, it’s not the federal government. And we don’t license kids under 16. We don’t license DUI drivers. And our laws are very clear and I took an oath to uphold that.”

“That” is the question.  What is “that”? What is it that you – Jan - don’t like about letting new people add to the ever changing amalgam of this great country?

Is it that they want to work instead of attend cocktail parties?

I it because that, to them, wagging their finger in the face of the President of the United States would be an affront too dire to contemplate?

Is it because they have to work instead of attend cocktail parties?

Is it because they aren’t “your kind” of people?

Is it because – like our President (and me and mine) that they didn’t come here on the Mayflower?

You bitch.

Here is what I think you are hiding.

You are really Ayn Rand. 

But you have had serious brain damage due to a spell in the freezer.

Luckily, if one has read Atlas Shrugged, the brain damage will not be obvious.  It will, as you say things, sound just like all that which you have previously written.

Or at least it will not diverge from your ravings in Atlas.

So you have been able to have a second life – a second career – as a republican factotum.

You emerged from cryonics to run for governor of Arizona a few years back and you got elected by the cryonics lobby. To make it all work for you you got a bunch of friends to also emerge from the fridge and they all voted the ice lady ticket. 

And now you are frantically searching for John Galt. That is because you are really horny and you hope that since you don’t look at all like your willowy creation, Dagny Taggert - Dagny is long dead and buried - should you ever find John he will be overcome (pun intended) by the need for whatever comes along.

And you intend to be "whatever comes along".

(Dual pun?)

You will of course know him, after your tour de la frige,  by his wisps of blond hair and his green eyes. 

Most of the rest of your heroes have wispy hair and blue eyes but what the hell?  Green is good.

A new novel?

Posthumously published? 

Peut ĂȘtre .

And it is so reassuring to know that Paul Ryan – who was so recently almost a heartbeat away from the presidency -  makes this shit mandatory reading for his staff.

Idiots, it seems, come in all flavors.