Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fiction Or Lie?

The republicans keep referring to donnie's landslide victory in the Electoral College.

A landslide victory is an electoral victory in a political system, when one candidate or party receives an overwhelming majority of the votes or seats in the elected body, thus all but utterly eliminating the opponents.

Is this an overwhelming majority?
Or is it more donnie stuff?
Like that largest Inauguration crowd in history?
Or Trump University?
Or the trump foundation?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Facts The republicans Want Forgotten

As they continue to say that the Mueller report was a 40 million dollar nothing, and as fat Billy II has his fictionalized version of the Mueller Report continue to stand as the official Justice Department version of the Mueller Report, we all need to remember what the Mueller Report actually said.

It said (quotation marks indicating that some one is speaking, not that this is a quote from the Report):

“There was massive Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

There were a large number of contacts between the trump campaign and the Russians.

We can’t find solid enough evidence of conspiracy by trump and his campaign to expect to prevail in court against the hyper rigorous legal requirements necessary to prove conspiracy.

This is significantly different from saying that the president is not guilty of conspiracy.

Collusion is not a crime and therefore has no part in this investigation.

The president has performed a large number of actions that could be obstruction of justice.

The only way to decide that issue is to prosecute.

Various factors preclude indictment of a sitting president.

There is, however, a constitutionally provided avenue for that prosecution.

Lacking the outcome of such a prosecution, we are unable to stipulate that the president is guilty of obstruction of justice or that he is innocent of that crime”.

Sondland’s Gambit

His testimony today has a lot of stuff, including a lot of obfuscation because he doesn’t take notes.

But the essence seems to be that of course there was a quid pro quo and an oval office meeting was the quo.

He also has said that he now sees clearly that there were two quos, the other being $400,000,000 in aid.

But that clarity he says is only now obvious to him.

In the thick of things he had no idea that the aid was contingent upon Zelensky doing what donnie wanted.

Now, with various revelations from the hearings, he can clearly seeing the duality of the quo.

I guess there must be some reason for that construct of facts and events.

I guess he is desperately trying to be an outsider dupe, not an inner circle conspirator.

The gambit will probably work.

I’m not sure I care.

Except that Rudy needs to keep his eyes open.

There is a bus hurtling his way.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Too Bad; He Says He's Healthy

But then, we all know how he lies.

(And for someone who doesn't smoke or drink he looks like shit.)

So maybe the good news is he's dying of obesity;

Or orange roughy disease.

But then that would bring Little Orphan Annie to the presidency;

To the throne as Ivanka calls it;

How sad;

But what a great movie it could be:

If that were to happen and Harvey Weinstein got back in the saddle:

donnie is dying of flatulant obesity;

Joaquin Phoenix is donnie jr. and Scarlett Johansson is Ivanka and they are reprising  the relationship with Joaquin that Scarlett brilliantly created in her all-vocal roll as a sexy heuristic operating system in Her, and the sister/brother thing that Phoenix made famous in The Gladiator.

I would imagine donnie would barge in on them at some intimate point to make it a toute famille de ménage a trois.

He may be dying but he's still donnie;

(That's a kinda heroic theme in the movie)
And then they would all three conspire to kill Orphan Annie and get donnie jr. to the throne.

(I have no idea how the plot and the Constitution can be bent and hammered to yield that result, but that's why there are script writers.)

And then donnie would die and we would have an immediate swearing in of donnie jr. by Brett the Beer Drinker - John Roberts having been put to death by a flock of rabid bats just previous to the swearing of in;


Then Ivanka would feed president donnie jr. his favorite food:

Mushroom soup;

And then, and then, and then … along came jones, I hear the Coasters singing in the background.

Pretty good TV.

I have copyrighted this treatment, so nobody steal it.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Peut-être Une Raison Pour Les Gilets Jaunes?

Ou, la raison, probablement.
Just like in America, non?
People like Andrew Yang are barking up the right tree.
Metaphor noted.
I would recommend reading The End of Work by Jeremy Rifkin.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

CrowdStrike Is The Name

Of the mythological missing server.

(I have no idea; that’s just what donnie keeps bleating about).

It is said to have been taken by Joseph of Arimathea to Ukraine.


I have a suggestion.

I picture a round table with donnie, the Second Biggest Little Green Man, presiding over a convocation of knights of the realm: Crazy Rudy, Fat Mike I, Fat Mike II, Gordon the Hotelier, Bret the Beer Drinker, Super Skier, Stevie the Impaler, Mick the Multi-Processor  and Kellyanne (nickname deleted), among others.

From that round table they must all be sent forth unto all the lands of the world mounted upon ivory white steeds in search of that server.

The fate of the Republic rests upon it: absence is sometimes liberty’s best defense.

The Second Biggest Little Green Man

Based on the testimony so far, donnie doesn’t give a shit about Ukraine.

However, he does deeply appreciate the value of Ukraine as a story line for his re-election campaign – you know, donnie refuses anti-Russian military assistance until Ukraine says some critical words: “we are investigating the Bidens (they don’t need to actually do it, just say it)”

Withholding that aid strengthens the Biggest Little Green Man in his war in eastern Ukraine.

And donnie withheld that military aid.

So I guess that makes donnie – a huge, fat, orange-hued hulk – the Second Biggest Little Green Man.

That makes the president of the United States a vassal of the president of Russia.

But I guess we already knew that.

Kinda unsettling.