Thursday, October 31, 2019

Une Bonne Idée

I understand donnie is going to privatize the National Parks.

He’s asking our “National Treasure” entertainment companies to bid on taking over management of the system.

It all started when somebody told him what “Grand Tetons” meant in English.

Initially that new knowledge resulted in an X rated tweet.

And that apparently got him to thinking.

“Uh Oh” was heard myriad times over the next two days.

But then he began pontificating on the subject:

“It’s like I always say – you all know I always say this – you’ve got to monetize, monetize, monetize”.

Once Yellowstone has been “re-imagineered” as “Grizzly-Wapato Land” there are plans to build a trump tower covering Old Faithful.

The idea is to hook the geyser into the plumbing system of the tower with ultimate terminuses in the huge array of solid gold toilets to be installed in each of the massively over-stated guest rooms.

“The Enema of a Lifetime” is the proposed tag line for the massive national multi-media ad campaign soon to be launched by trump media, a joint venture of donnie, jared and harvey weinstein.

They like that tagline so well they are discussing how to use it in the 2020 campaign.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Short PG& E Animation - - Updated

A little earlier this month I posted a prediction.
It hasn't happened yet, but just wait a bit.
Here it is again:

There is a high likelihood of widespread, long term, high wind events in part of California.
The last few times this has happened there have been some fairly catastrophic fires started by PG&E equipment.

So this time PG&E is going to turn off the power over the expected areas at risk for the duration of the time of expected risk.

Apparently that’s a big area for a long time.

Forgetting the massive inconvenience, converging on outright danger, that such an action will levy on the citizens of California, PG&E is looking at the  REALLY important aspect of their impending action: revenue loss.

As an offset to that extremely disturbing phenomenon PG&E is instituting the “Fire Danger Service Fee”.

It will be levied in advance, starting now.

It will be the expected gross revenue loss times the “Fire Danger Service Fee Uplift” (25%) divided by the number of rate payers.

If the actual revenue loss turns out to be less than estimates, PG&E gets to keep the total levy; “the service rendered was so effective that significant fire danger over expectations constituted a such a valuable service that it is only fair that the Company gets to keep the difference” was a statement issued by PG&E’s Vice President of “Community Communication Services” today in conjunction with the Service Fee’s announcement.

If the actual revenue loss is greater the rate payers pay the difference, calculated the same as the initial charge.

There was silence about the value the community will receive for this “adjustment service” but it is thought to be extensive.

All of this is only fair; after all, there should be a charge to the rate payers for the service of avoiding having their towns burned down.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New PG&E Billboard

Remember The Women"s March?

It was an outpouring of women - and some men - onto the streets of America on 21 January 2017, the day after the darkest day in World History.

I propose we celebrate the third anniversary of that event on 21 January 2020 with "The Lock Him Up Rally And March".

This one should include all the decent residents of America, even babes in arms.

With any luck, as with the Women's March, we may get the rest of the world to join us on that day.

And maybe, if we do it, this trump campaign poster will be made invalid.

Maybe we can begin to undo the damage.

If not, we might at least feel better.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Better President

Victoria British Columbia has for years, and forever, dumped its sewage into the Salish Sea.

That has never been very popular with  those of us - mostly Americans - down sea from Victoria; those down-Seaers mostly live in the American San Juans and on the coast of Washington State, including Seattle.

Before recently finally terminating the great turd outflow, Victoria had a public relations campaign that - I am not really sure what its objective was - but its lead-with feature was an icon: Mr. Floatie.

I am not kidding.

Anyway, I think that Victoria has finally decided to spend the money on a sewage treatment plant, or have everybody bury their shit in the back yard, or some other way to cease sending floaties down sea.

Here is a picture of the mayor of Victoria boarding a plane for Seattle with Mr. Floatie.

She and the icon are apparently going to Seattle to announce the great shit abatement project.

Seeing that amiable brown phallus, I realized that I would much prefer Mr. Floatie to donnie the dildo as president of the now failing United States of America.

Champignons au Parc Montsouris

Only donnie ...

The Economist frequently lauds the intelligence prowess of the United States.

Couple that prowess with the most powerful military anywhere, any time and one might expect significant results.

And significant results frequently occur: taking out bin-Laden for example.

So it shouldn't be any surprise that we finally got al-Baghdadi.

What is a surprise is that the moron in chief could so quickly and completely turn a surgically perfect and significant military achievement into a major security breach and a totally pornographic (assuming one believes that snuff films are pornography) event.

We're so lucky to have ol' donnie.

He's a brilliant bidnessman, you know.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

For My Britsh Readers

Halloween is approaching.

It being a uniquely American day of odd behavior - that day and election day in presidential years - I am offering this little tableau of where we - the former colonies - and you - the mother country - are similar.

How really, really sad.

But kinda fun, non?

Several Days' Images 102319