Wednesday, August 31, 2022

donnie And His Precious

 Here is a random excerpt from a Salon article by Igor Derysh.

"Trump rifled through the boxes of documents late last year as officials were attempting to recover them, sources told the outlet. Surveillance footage obtained by the DOJ also showed people "moving boxes in and other, and in some cases, appearing to change the containers some documents were held in," according to the report. Trump resisted demands to return the documents, describing them as "mine," sources told the Times. Earlier this year, Trump attorney Christina Bobb signed a declaration that all classified material had been returned, which ultimately led to the FBI's unprecedented raid on Trump's residence to recover documents that he withheld after the first three recovery attempts."

I have been seeing this petulant assertion of "mine" more and more as coverage of the Mara Lago Document Caper continues to unfold.

And I have had an increasingly familiar but unidentified twinge of recognition to that constantly pouted word.

This morning it came to me.

The press is being kind.

They are editing dum-dum speech.

What he's really saying is "my precious".

Or, to mix metaphors, he is a tiny de-fanged, un-flamed Smaug, in his cave, sitting astride his massive pile of gold dreaming of the days of yore.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

In Summary ...

 It was an open and shut case.

Even seven republicans found him guilty.

But for fear, ambition, duplicity and moral flaccidity most of the rest would have found him guilty in any normal court of law.

He planned, incited and intended to physically lead a rebellion against the world's oldest democracy.

By the grace of something that fell short of happening.

But the pot still bubbles.

As it approaches boiling an almost inaudible chant can be heard to be heard to accompany the bubbles in the pot.

The chant grows louder.

Blood and gore;

Let’s have a war;

Attack, attack;

And don’t look back;

They’re after donnine;

Not Louie or Johnny;

The gauntlet’s down;

Across the town;

And all over this whole great country;

So get your guns;

Get you knives;

Kiss your kids;

Kiss your wives;

And let’s all take back this country:

From the wimps;

From the queers;

From the blacks;

 And send out jeers;

To all those who would try to stop us;

Be sure to be loud and raucous;

About how we won’t be replaced;

And we won’t ever be chased;

Out of this place;

That we created;

With our white male christian toil and sweat;

And we will never let;

The other take it from us;


Blood and gore;

Let’s have a war;

Attack, attack;

And don’t look back;

It’s our destiny;

For you and me;

Let’s bring this whole thing down

Around our ears.

When I wrote this doggerel I hadn't seen this graphic.

It was shared with me by a Facebook friend just this morning.

The fact that it seems to me to be the perfect image to post with my little poem is not the point.

The point is that it tells the whole story: we are imminently lost; everybody knows it; the cause is unavoidably obvious; and the various apparatuses of our system which are designed to take care of such things are sitting by and letting it rip.

At least the obituary, once written, will need few words.

We have this graphic.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Is Amy Coney Barret A Witch?

 Just asking questions.

No opinions.

No judgements.

Just questions.

Coney Barret is a deep member of a secret society known as The People of Praise.

Or was once.

Just asking questions; didn't get any answers of whether she was ever, or still is, a member, of The People of Praise, but that's what you get for just asking questions.


But let's ask some more.


What actually is the organization known as The People of Praise?

What or whom do they praise?

And why?

And where?

Do they meet in a witch hazel copse at the center of a giant pentagram?

At midnight?

Just looking for answers.

And asking questions.

So, is this the prayer of The People of Praise?

"Lucifer, grant me the power to be strong in spirit Grant me the ability to see what is right for me Grant me the wisdom to understand your ways Grant me the knowledge to empower myself Power in the name of Lucifer to break the bonds that hold me back Power in the name of Lucifer to overcome my weaknesses."

Just asking.

Google search of "Lucifer/Praise" got me that prayer.

Does Coney Barret - AKA "the rabbit" invoke that prayer in her People of Praise schtick?

Just asking questions, here.

Or does she eat babies like the pizza eating pedophiles?

Just asking questions here.

Google "Lucifer/praise/Amy Coney Barret".

What you get from that apparently mindless search argument is quite a surprising amount of content.

Choosing a random item, I offer this: 

"People of Praise, an Indiana-based religious group in which Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett once served in a leadership capacity, is in hot water over freshly unearthed allegations of child sexual abuse and other sexual misconduct, per court documents from the 1990s obtained by The Guardian. The allegations come as the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade with Barrett’s support, opening the door for the state-sanctioned abuse and gender-based violence that is forced pregnancy and birth."

So is the rabbit a pizza eating pedophile?

Or a witch?

Or both?

Just asking questions.

'Cause there's something fishy here.

Metamorphic MAGGOTS

 In mid-January 2015 I wrote a semi tongue-in-cheek post titled Metamorphic Muslims.

Tongue-in-cheek discourse allows one to creep up close to the edge of a lot of things that might best be left unsaid, or, even, unthought.

Such was the case with the post here referred to.

I noticed recently that this post has begun to get some new attention.

Since I wrote it seven years ago, I had no idea what it said; being curious, I clicked and read.

Here it is with a key piece of the text highlighted.

A couple of days ago I posted a brief thought about the apparently universal reaction of individual muslims to the terrorist organizations and the individual terrorists who do their actions of terror under the banner of islam.

That reaction, I pointed out, is “they aren’t muslims”.

Since that is a rather bland assertion and since it is totally contrary to the “we are muslims” assertions of those about whom they are making it, I have been puzzled.

That puzzlement led to the post about the phenomenon.

To unpuzzle it – so I could do my post – I needed to cast around for some intellectual scaffolding upon which I could hang an apparent dichotomy: on the one hand there are a lot of koran quoting individuals who claim to be muslims and indulge in acts of horror; on the other hand there are a lot of other koran quoting individuals who claim to be muslims but don’t indulge in acts of horror; the latter claim that the former are not muslims.

I couldn’t see any religious affiliation difference between the terrorists and the non terrorists.

Thus I was puzzled.

Then I found the necessary scaffolding and was able to hang the dichotomy on it and thus unscramble the puzzle.

And so the post of a few days ago.

And so the comment, “neat trick”.

The key to the trick is: the horror group are “radicalized”; the “they aren’t muslims” group are “non radicalized”.

So “being radicalized” is the difference.

Maybe that would point to “they are radicalized” as being a more accurate statement than “they aren’t muslims”, but what the heck. A neat trick is a neat trick.

That perception had the beguiling characteristic of allowing me to accept that ‘neat trick” as a valid sort of verbal and intellectual gymnastics.

Since posting that personal revelation something about it has been goading my subconscious to do a little more thinking.

I have had the feeling that I have left something out.

This morning I figured it out.

I definitely have left something out.

Two words need to be added to “non radicalized”.

Those words are “not yet”.

Given the vagaries involved with becoming “radicalized” (does this phenomenon occur only to muslims?) and given the fact that the French have six or seven million “not yets” in their midst, I can see how the average non muslim French person might have to stifle an occasional bout of paranoia.  


From the vantage of over seven years the words in red scream at me.

The phenomenon definitely occurs outside of the muslim community.

Non-MAGGOT Americans saw a grotesque example of that fact on January 6, 2021.

And right here in Downtown Love the Constitution and Rule of Law Land we have been spared the "not yet" stage.

So we need not live, as are the French, in a Limbo of uncertainty: thirty percent or so of our fellows have jumped in one fell swoop straight on to Blood and Gore.

In our case, though, the catalyst has not been the vagaries of interpretation of sacred texts.

It has been, and continues to be, the chief maggot.

How nice.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Answer To Important Question

 I was hoping that the upcoming Amazon Prime prequel to Lord of the Rings would be based on Silmarillion.

I have read it three times.

I figured out most of it after reading three.

I would like to see it done, but not.


Seattle dandelions


Vitrine de Cluny

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Some Images For Saturday - Or Whenever You Like

I think this was in a museum in Florence. 

What we call "the garden" in the snow.

There is a window on Quai de Conti ...

The tower is usually shot without any reference to the river; that's crazy.

Somewhere in Paris

Won't you ever grow up, Little Toot?

One of my better panoramae

I call these European Wood Pigeons.

Eurasian chickadee; probably male.

Eurasian chickadee, maybe female

Dandelions on the quai on the Seine


Good picture; I don't ever go there.

The only thing I am sure about about this picture is that it was raining.

Baby coot in Bois de Boulogne

Baby Alfie

On the jetty at la Havre

I think this was in a garden in Florence.

An Amazing Business Model

 This is truth.

Not fiction.

There is a major American business that sells a fairly expensive product.

In actual fact they sell a lot more of the product then they actually have at time of sale, or really ever plan to have.

And they charge for the product at time of sale.

And there are no refunds for non-delivery of product.

Unless you pay a significant surcharge covering non delivery of the product.

Otherwise, you get a voucher for some amount of money with which you can re-enter the game of order the product roulette.

At some future date.

It's called "product roulette" because, as in the Russian variety of the game, the number of chances of actually taking delivery of the product are one in six.

As best as anybody can tell.

You probably think I am making all of this up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

The Ones That Didn't Go To College Are Being Screwed? This Is A Really Mean Post But I Don't Know How Else To Say It

 George W. Bush supposedly said that there is no word in the French language for "entrepreneur".

I never knew whether that was true or not; but I savored it.

What a great summary of a sub-standard president, I said to myself.

I talked to myself a lot in those days.

But who knows?

That remark was probably invented in the hate republican office of the Democratic Party.


It probably was never said.

Today, Joe Biden, by Executive Order, relieved millions of young Americans from predatory college loan debt.

Most of those young Americans are not white.

They are all, to a person though, entrepreneurs.

They have made an investment in themselves and their futures.

Unfortunately, the same system that brought us the 2008 economic catastrophe took predatory advantage of these young people and their parents.

The president is doing something to rectify that wrong.

So, as a matter of white supremacist course, the republicans are up in arms.

It's interesting, though.

What they are up in arms about are two things.

Both entirely bogus.

One thing is that they are invoking a vision of a country ravaged by students, recently relieved of bone crushing - the bankers always win - debt going willy nilly into the streets and starting to irrationally spend Uncle Joe's recently (all for the midterms) administered largesse; that will drive inflation into hyperdrive.

What a horror: non-white citizens with enough money to buy groceries.

Always remember, and never forget, Ol" Mitch and the boys want to reinforce the already deep vein of serfdom in America; until they get a mostly subservient class, they won't feel comfortable in their jobs.

Ol' Mitch keeps getting re-elected by a mostly serf state.

So it's a thing to consider.

If you don't live in Kentucky.

But back to the things.

That the republicans are up in arms about.

The second thing is that debt-freeing those nonwhite people who took a risk, and trusted the banks, and were screwed, will be done to the gross disadvantage of a whole class of whites; they are the whites who didn't take out predatory loans; they didn't take any risks; they certainly didn't go to college; they just sat and watched the industry that had previously justified their location as a town evaporate; they sat there like deer in the head lights; they were just hapless  - we've always done it this way -  low performing, god fearing white folks: the base of the republican party.

Or they saw their various "skills" replaced from elsewhere.

But they were god fearing white Americans and they shouldn't need to adjust to change.

Those god-fearing whites apparently didn't have aspirations, or dreams, they just wanted to go into the mine, down deep; or they wanted to turn the same wrench on the same line at the same station where their grandfather had  turned his wrench and when they came out of the mine or out of the factory, they just wanted to get lost at the pub; god knows, I understand that; but just because THEY didn't have aspirations, or dreams, shouldn't preclude a major part of "the rest of us" from having them.

Always remember and never forget, Ol' Mitch and the boys have told those god-fearing whites that they are noble for their servitude.

And for their whiteness.

Nonwhites with options outside of the mine are a threat to all that makes Ol' Mitch an influencer.

So: the question on the table is whether we ought to sit idly by and let the predatory bankers screw all of those non-white entrepreneurs who have been willing to take the risk.

 Instead of going into the mines.

But always remember and never forget republicans are first and always liars.

And they wouldn't let all those nonwhites in the mine anyway.

Friday, August 19, 2022

A New Patriotic Web Site:

Irony is lost on many.
Lest I be burned at the stake for this post, I call your attention to a fact.
This is irony.
Maybe even satire.
But I shouldn't get above my raisin'.


This is your president posting.

It's the first post of a great new and huge national patriotic website.

Huge and great, great and huge and number one on Google.

Even number one on Bing.

Bing is from that loser Bill Gates.

He's such a loser.

Lives in Seattle.

City of losers.

They say Joe Biden is president.

Never was; never will be.


I am your president.

I never was not your president and will never stop being such (your president).

The deep state is after me.

They invaded my beautiful Florida home.

All had pizza slices and pedophile pornography.

Milania freaked.

Thought they were my sons.

Anyway - they even took a shit in my toilet.

The solid gold was defiled.

Defiled is a word I learned from Mark Milley.

Milley is a loser.

But I like his words.

So, now that we know where the traitors are - the FBI - let's all get out on the streets and kill them all.

You will not be replaced.

So, kill them all.

Remember I am your president and we also need to kill Mike Pence.

Pence is a loser.

Be a winner.

Hang Mike Pence.

That's all for now.

More tomorrow.

Two Of Paris


Thursday, August 18, 2022

A Father's Late Term Observations To A Son

 My son recently sent me an email expressing some - mostly ironic - concerns about imminent nuclear immolation.

I had to reply with equal irony.

Or at least significant futility.

Or some other "ly" ending word.

I think those are usually adverbs.

He said: 

"We have a lot of eyes on this, recording.  Drones or sats.  Was hoping I would not be a part of the next rounds of active nukes…"

So I said:

"I had thought I was going to slide out just ahead of the conflagration (hear Lonnie Donegan singing?) let alone the coming nuclear bake off.

 But with blood and gore declared as the future of America, Ol' Puty doesn't want to be upstaged.

Have a nice day."

That's French Flag; the Russians have horizontal stripes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Blood And Gore: A Poem For America

Of Course, I expect all who read this to realize it is total irony, and the fact is that in another, related post I said I might write this poem. donnie is a clear and present danger and his devil's spawn are going to bring the "rest of us" down such that we end up no better off than Afghanistan.  

 Blood and gore;

Let’s have a war;

Attack, attack;

And don’t look back;

They’re after donnine;

Not Louie or Johnny;

The gauntlet’s down;

Across the town;

And all over this whole great country;

So get your guns;

Get you knives;

Kiss your kids;

Kiss your wives;

And let’s all take back this country:

From the wimps;

From the queers;

From the blacks;

 And send out jeers;

To all those who would try to stop us;

Be sure to be loud and raucous;

About how we won’t be replaced;

And we won’t ever be chased;

Out of this place;

That we created;

With our white male christian toil and sweat;

And we will never let;

The other take it from us;


Blood and gore;

Let’s have a war;

Attack, attack;

And don’t look back;

It’s our destiny;

For you and me;

Let’s bring this whole thing down

Around our ears.

Courtesy of the donnie the dildo campaign fund for 2024

Climate Change? What Climate Change?


President Or Pope?

 Doesn't the president have to go through some prescribed and defined paperwork function that can be traced and documented - even for trivial declassifications?

donnie's lawyers say that donnie declassified all the documents he took to Key Largo.

(Key Largo makes the whole thing a better story than a poor little faux rich boy playing Palm Beach resident.)

I ask again and with modification, doesn't the president - even only a pretend one - have to go through some prescribed and defined paperwork function that can be traced and documented - even for trivial declassifications?

donnie obviously was confused: was he president or was he pope? 

he probably plays both in his mind.

he apparently thought that all he needed to do was sit in his chair in the oval office and declare loudly "let them be de-classified" speaking ex cathedra.

And just to emphasize the transaction he would throw a plate of frites and ketchup against the wall.

The place had become quite unlivable by the time they hosed him off and sent him off to Florida. 

But the chair he had brought in for his reveries and pontifications will be nice long-term addition to the office.

Monday, August 15, 2022

donnie, I Wish We Never Knew Ya

 In my lifetime we have had FDR: "A New Deal for everyday Americans"; Harry Truman: "We, today, integrate the military and we now have deep financial support for college education for all veterans; John Kennedy: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask instead what you can do for your country; Richard Nixon: "The silent majority needs to be heard"; Gerald Ford: "Today I have pardoned Richard Nixon"; Jimmy Carter: "America is better than we have been recently"; Ronald Regan: "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"; George H. W. Bush: "There are points of light that guide the destiny of mankind across the dark and unknown seas of history"; Bill Clinton: "It's the economy, stupid"; George W. Bush "Compassionate Conservatism"; Barack Obama: "The arch of history bends toward justice".

Most of the quotes are remembered and editorialized paraphrases, but they capture an idea; they capture a spirit; they capture a nuance.

Some were deeper than others, but they all truly believed in their mission of service to our country.  

They also capture three quarters a century of peaceful transition of power across viewpoints and political parties; even Nixon was a president - an ultimately disgraced one, but a president.

Then we got this asshole.

donnie the dildo: "Today I announce that I am running for president of the United States of America; it's so sad; I have to do this to stay out of the slammer; I am the victim of the most willfully wasteful witch-hunt in the history of our great - but beleaguered - country; it's just a disgrace; but I will run to stay away from those haters who lurk in those extreme democrat prisons, just waiting to penetrate my winsome and willowy body".

He was not and never will be a president of the United States of America.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Songs For The Coming Conflagration's Post Function

 It's Sunday 14 August 2022.

When I awoke this morning, I discovered that the MAGGOTS have declared war.

They have declared it on the "rest of us".

The MAGGOTS are pretty upset that their dildo - donnie - is subject to American laws.

So they have declared war and will bring the deep state and all the pizza eating pedophiles to heel.

Even if they have to kill all of the "rest of us".

Fort Sumter (their code for start of battle) has already occurred.

A MAGGOT with a nail gun attacked an FBI office somewhere in Ohio.

As this war unfolds nothing good - from the viewpoint of "the rest of us" - can possibly accrue to the commonweal: 400 million firearms, many, many with hollow point tumbling 23 caliber bullets in 100 bullet capacity magazines can create a lot of human hamburger, and do it very quickly; there are probably going to be a lot fewer of "the rest of us" in the near future.

A friend of mine has described with one word that which I have needed many words to describe here: CONFLAGRATION.

I like it; let's all of "the rest of us" adopt it as the banner beneath which we all become reduced to mounds of blood and gore.

Nothing so purifying as a good war of blood and gore (poem to follow soon).

Once the CONFLAGRATION is over there will, no doubt be endless celebratory post functions.

I think they will need music, and I have some suggestions.

Here is one of my suggestions; there may be more, depending how long I avoid becoming hamburger.

Friday, August 12, 2022

The Ties That Bind: Some Email Traffic

 I sent this brief email to a friend that I have not seen since 1967:

"Stupid Question: But even my conspiratorial mind draws a blank. Why would donnie take all that classified stuff home?"

Answer: "Putin asked him for US nuke release, command and control, etc."

So, I replied:

I know you might have read Saigon 1967 since I sent you a copy.

So, I know you might know how pointless and stupid I thought was the war that we both served in.

So, I got out of the military at the first possible opportunity.

(I had a last chance to stay - I was temporary intelligence officer of the RF4 squadron at Itazuke  that was taking daily pictures of the North Koreans in support of the Pueblo Debacle - Combat Fox. By accident I did some things really well and the Executive Officer who had just been promoted to Squadron Commander asked me to let him get me transferred to Kadena from Offutt; I was too stupid to accept; I wanted out; I was so young and so stupid; but I really enjoyed my subsequent IBM career.)

But if I had known then what I know now about where America was headed, I would have stayed for as long as USAF I would have let me stay and then have done my best to get to the DIA for the rest of my life.

I believe in "Sea to Shining Sea" and that all of us, black, white, yellow, red, brown, et al autres are my brothers and sisters.

To see it come apart during my lifetime is something I wish I hadn't lived to see.

To see it all brought down by such a documented criminal asshole leaves me speechless." 

Some More Pictures