Wednesday, June 16, 2021

I'm Glad I Don't Live In Texas

 Last February years of hybrid incompetence - hybrid because it took both government and the private sector to pull it off - most Texans looked freezing to death squarely in the face.

The electric grid froze up and as the worst cold spell in recent memory descended upon the state the electric grid shut down along with civilization as we know it.

There was lots of blame to go around but decades of underinvestment in the grid and the proudly xenophobic decision to not connect the state grid to the national grid were high on the blame tree.

Since all of that blame came from the state government and one of its bastard stepchildren - ERCOT -  the grid manager, one would have expected, the 2021 Texas Legislature to get crackin' and fix the situation.

But no.

Nobody said anything about fixing the situation.

But they did pass a law allowing anybody, as long as they are breathing, to carry a gun.

And they passed another one outlawing abortion at six weeks or less and instituting a massive fine for anybody who is aware of someone considering an abortion.

And they tried to pass a voter suppression law even more suppressive than Georgia's.

Then they then went home.

Texas currently is in the midst of the heat driven alter ego of last winter's freeze out.

Apparently the same catastrophic power outages are occurring as occurred last winter only now it's summer.

I guess that makes it different.

Dying of heat stroke is different than freezing to death.

The good news is the rate payers are being given the opportunity to pay massive power bills to get things back to zero.