Wednesday, June 26, 2019

That’s Twenty; How Many More Will It Take…

…to return America to some sort of moral perspective?

Sorry Answer: there is no upper limit on criminal-code crimes, Constitutional high crimes and misdemeanors and episodes of criminal sexual violence indulged in by donnie the dildo that will bring him down.

As long as republicans and christians – and their joyously complicit  camp followers – are calling the shots, America will be left sinking in the slime of the drumpfs, kushners, mcConnels, and that whole sad array who call themselves the freedom caucus.

Remember how Gary Hart was brought down?

He was seen in a photograph looking happy with a WOMAN NOT HIS WIFE ON A WATERCRAFT NAMED “MONKEY BUSINESS”.

In those days of abject naivete the assumption that Hart and the woman MIGHT be indulging in non marital, mutually consensual hanky panky was enough to remove Gary from even the POSSIBILITY of being CONSIDERED for President.

Now being a crotch grabbing rapist doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

I never have trusted cops or christians.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Never Thought I'd See...

A Mercedes Pickup Truck.

I am on various French email lists because I have a Carrefour carte fidélité.

This image just came in in an email ad for the new Mercedes backroad stomper.

Fastest rig on the autobahn.

Or so I would imagine.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Donnie Just Keeps Lying, Or Delusioning Maybe

Anybody who believes that donnie called a strike on Iran and then called it off – because 150 people would have been killed – is delusional.

Like Hitler in his final days in the bunker when he was moving imaginary Wehrmacht units around his strategy map, donnie wakes up every morning and sits on the toilet and imagines thrusts and parries of historic worldwide size and proportion.

And then he tweets them out to his imaginary army of factotums.

Then he checks in with Sean to see if he done right.

Then his keepers take him by the hand into the oval office and let him think presidential stuff.

But nobody is going to let him call strikes on anybody.

Except James Risch, a dildo senator from Idaho who I heard interviewed on the PBS Newshour tonight.

And he was so far up trumps’ ass that I doubt that anyone in Boise or Lewiston will ever see him return.

So if you believe that cock and bull story about calling off today’s imaginary strike you must be a trump supporter.

Or a coal miner.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Populism AND Democracy?

For several days my local Public Radio station has been broadcasting a series on The Daily – New York Times driven radio – about populism in Europe.

The series commenced at a gilets jaunes roundabout somewhere in Normandy.

Then it went to Italy.

Then to Poland.

I think it is going last to Germany.

There have been myriad interviews.

They all sounded as if they were interviews of trump voters.

Which has been really unnerving.

For me.

Today, after an interview and discussion of what democracy means with some Polish government factotum, the Public Radio correspondent was willing to proffer a summary statement, trip to date.

It went something like this.

“I have had a revelation; they don’t have any problem with democracy; they are all in favor of democracy, they are in favor of having elections in which they can vote for their choice of populist strongmen; their problem is with liberalism; they feel that, for example, allowing gay people to live normal lives as normal citizens, rather than criminalizing them, persecuting them and imprisoning them is an unacceptable intrusion on their inalienable rights; that laws against hate, mayhem and minority marginalization are un-democratic; and that xenophobia is a cardinal principal; and that any other so called liberal issue, such as freedom of the press, is to be viewed with the same skeptical outlook”.

My soul retracted into itself as I heard these words.

If that is Europe, no wonder we Americans are so screwed.

So there really is no hope.

It’s Bernie So Far

I have seen or heard the majority of the REAL democratic candidates for president interviewed.

They have been in depth, and in some cases, several interviews, on NPR and PBS.

Right now I am hearing Beto O’Rourk on the Newshour.

I still think Bernie, with Mayor Pete for VP.

Hey donnie: You Are Lying

As the old joke goes I know this is true because your lips appear to be moving.

But I have better evidence.

You sent your chief lackey out to talk to the press today.

He said Iran had attacked two tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Then he said that that accusation is for sure and is based on briefings by US intelligence agencies.

So that’s how I know that you are lying.

Those agencies, as you said, don’t know shit.

Only you, great leader, know shit.

So quoting your intelligence agencies as the basis for any accusations is perpetrating a lie.

Or – since I am sure you will do it whenever convenient – lying through your teeth.

But then your lips keep moving, so I had that test of you being lying.

Or are those liplike structures two conjoined snakelets?

Lying Mike

You know Fat Mike, the lying lieutenant of donnie the dildo, is apparently trying to start World War Three.

Pompeo can’t tell the truth, wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the ass and doesn’t care about the truth.

He works for a liar of cosmic and sinister proportions.

If he weren’t a world class liar by birth he would have had to become one to stay in donnie's graces.

But he was born that way.

He and all the liars who are currently lurking in the republican party are endangering all people of the world.

As long as the United States lacks a legitimate government the world is in danger.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

That Fuzzy Little Bird

A while back I posted a bunch of images that my Screen Saver had presented me with and I had screen captured and saved.

That probably sounds pretty stupid since I already have those images since the Screen Saver couldn't have presented them if they weren't already there.

The problem with that idea is that Screen Saver is perusing a file that is over 700 gigabytes.

And most of them haven't been named in English so search doesn't do anything for me if I want to find something.

And anyway, doing the screen capture/saves is a sort of random kind of curating that seems to me to have some cosmic meaning.

That's what I think.

Here is one of my favorite Screen Saver curated images.

It turns out that I took a video of this guy and his siblings and his mother and father and posted it to YouTube.

I had forgotten all about that.

Here is the link:

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Images For 9 June 2019

The Guardian’s Headline On The Morning Of 9 November 2020?

The day after the US election in 2004 The Guardian’s morning headline was “How Can 65 Million People Be So Stupid”?

Or words to that effect.

The implication of that thought was, I guess, that America had been “had” in 2000, and had been given – in 2004 – a chance to be “unhad”.

But they did it again.

In retrospect things might have been a bit more nuanced.

W. told various forms of truth most of the time.

W. was, as has been the case with a lot of recent presidents, a faithful and loving “family man”.

W. was aware of and apparently in favor of America as an increasingly diverse nation; his views on the need for comprehensive immigration reform seem to reinforce that viewpoint.

W. couldn’t help that the Iraq war (which he – I was among the shrillest of the shrill on this issue, since Colin Powell, a hero of mine was destroyed by his part in this debacle – got underway with massive lies) was flaming along in 2004; W. couldn’t help that people were afraid of changing Commander in Chief in time of war; that didn’t make the American people stupid; it made them want to be safe.

(I WILL point out that the last clause of the preceding sentence fully documents the validity of my aversion to being safe.)

donnie, on the other hand:

Is unable to speak truth; he lies about EVERYTHING, ALWAYS;

Should be a registered sex offender;

Fears and hates the America that is inevitable;

Keeps flirting with wars and all sorts of other reality-show-ready crises and then makes them go away with shrugs and manual sleights.

And all of that malfeasance is done in full sight of everyone; no one could possibly not see it.

But The Economist’s “P.T. Barnum Effect” is in play.

9 November 2020 The Guardian will open the morning with the headline:

“No man ever went broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public”.

And that will be a lot of fun.

For those of us who won’t have voted for donnie.

But the problem will be that that apparently applicable Barnumisn will be missing the real point.

So I propose a couple alternates:

“Privileged White Americans Continue Their Electoral Tantrum”;


“Voter Suppression Works Wonders In 2020”;


“Fat Billie Says ‘Put Away The Mattresses, We Won’”.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

2020 Prediction 

donnie is going to dump Pence and take Pompeo as his 2020 running mate.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

I Don’t Know But …

The Federal Reserve is charged with controlling inflation – the current target is at two percent – and fostering an environment of full employment.

Economists argue a lot about the latter, but the current rate of less than 4% unemployment is clearly full employment.

Unless you ask a couple of questions which no one asks, so we are at full employment.

donnie keeps throwing monkey wrenches into the gears of the smoothly running economy, most recently a trade war with China and an imminent trade war with Mexico.

Those  two trade wars seem to be bringing economic growth into question.

The stock market thinks that it heard Chairman Powell of the Fed say recently not to worry; if things begin to slow down he will lower rates to provide offsetting stimulus.

I have this question though.

The trade wars are fueled by tariffs; tariffs are ultimately found in the prices consumers pay; 25% added on to everything looks to me to be pretty inflationary; in fact it could probably be called historic in its magnitude.

So Chairman Powell is going to lower rates just as inflation spirals out of control?

I feel so lucky that we have donnie, that brilliant bidnessman.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Don’t Let It Ever Happen Again

I have been watching the PBS NewsHour’s coverage of the D Day remembrance in Normandy.

Inevitably that included interviews with still living veterans of that historic retake of Europe for liberal christian democracy.

One of the interviewees, when asked his advice for today’s generation said “don’t ever let it happen again”.

I am sure he was not being ironic.

But the irony dripped from the facts.

donnie the dildo was there.

he is the mindless architect of the destruction of the world order that Wilson conceived, Roosevelt architected, Truman implemented, Eisenhower made the world order, Kennedy successfully tested and every President since has acknowledged as the cornerstone of America’s world view.

Until donnie.

“he’s a brilliant bidnessman” all his sycophants tell us.

Of course, even if that were true (why then is he hiding his tax filings?) it wouldn’t mean that he ought to be the pretend leader of the free world.

he’s a little light on a lot of things – the fact that Americans pay tariffs not as he says, the Chinese and the Mexicans (but then he lies every time he opens his mouth so we can’t even for sure find him guilty of ignorance) is an example of a not real strong knowledge of much.

One of his lightnesses, however, is a fatal flaw for America and for all the countries of the world that aspire to  Anglo/French/American style democracy.

A prime example: donnie – who his first Secretary of State referred to as a “fucking moron” - has done a yeoman’s job of living up to that description when it comes to the directive of one of the greatest generation; donnie is implementing “letting it happen again”; he seems to revel in “letting it happen again”; but then, we need to remember, he is a fucking moron.

Or is it his roots – donnie drumpf?

I wonder if his being a fucking moron says something about those who allowed him to assume the most important office in the world, history to date?

But coal is king.

The End Of The World As Social Policy

I heard an interview today with an ex-Jehovah's Witness.

The first thing she said was something similar to “since the world is going to end any day why would I go to college”?

That got me wondering.

evangelical christians, I have been told, believe that they – the born again forgiven – are imminently going to be assumed into heaven.

Immediately I had to further wonder if the evangelicals mostly therefore eschew higher education – I know, there are some evangelical colleges, but, seriously …

If the evangelicals do so eschew, and there are a whole lot of them – just ask donnie the dildo – maybe that is why we have such a mismatch between what jobs are available - and there are a lot of them, but they are technical jobs that require having been to a serious school of higher education with serious technical training credentials - and people available to fill them.

If that is close to true the evangelicals and their myriad less mainstream nuts are providing an ever growing mudsill of idiots who can’t get jobs and therefore will vote for idiots like donnie.

I can hear donnie crowing to Kelly Ann: “that’s even better than coal miners”.

D Day 75 Embarrassment

I guess today was really one day short of the actual invasion.

Of 75 years.

D Day was originally scheduled for 5 June, 1944.

Weather caused a postponement.

But it went off on the 6th.

And all of us reading this today are the better for what was accomplished on that Day.

Back to today, the Queen was magnificent.

I have never heard her give a really good speech.

She gave one today.

And then there was donnie.

If I had wanted to hear something great once said by a great human being read to me by a dyslexic third grader I would have hired a dyslexic third grader.

To read FDR’s prayer.

Monday, June 3, 2019

If You Ever Read Catch 22...

… you would immediately recognize this.

This is from The Mueller Report.

It's in the beginning section about Russian interference in the election.

Fat Billie got his redaction pen out and,

voila! c'est nonsense.

But that's what personal lawyers do; they redact.

I am several pages beyond this - previously in the report, earlier than this redaction, there are five people who were indicated to be investigated by the Report: Richard Gates, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen - and two others whose names have been redacted, but the redactions made whatever was being said completely incomplete; so I just shrugged and tried to keep reading.

The reason given for those two redactions was "personal privacy" (I had to contemplate that coming from Fat Billie, the favorite son of donnie the dildo: the chief exponent of rolling back Roe v Wade endorsing "privacy" was, as we say in France risable); but I have lost my thread; my thread is that anybody who thinks Billie the Redactor has the best interests of our Country as the  design point of his being pretend attorney general is ill informed.

But they do have us ("have being used as in 'having been had'").

We've got the Report; Fat Billie has told us what it says; it's so redacted that we can't argue; and I don't suppose that donnie jr. and jared the slime are the two redacted names in the "to be investigated" segment.

Political theatre is one thing and can be at its best uplifting at it's worst instructive: Brexit;  Napoleon faking wanting to have a three man counsel's office; Hitler telling Chamberlain that the Czechs were the last annexation; Kennedy saying that any attack from anywhere would be deemed to be from the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, political farce is just farce and that is the state into which the oldest and greatest democracy has sunk.

And speaking of farce: donnie the dildo talking to the Queen of England?