Tuesday, December 31, 2019

donnie's Got Things Going Real Good Now

History, when in the hands of an idiot, runs rampant and actually does repeat itself.

The image is Saigon.

Baghdad will soon follow.

Old Bone Spurs can tweet until his sphincter hurts.

History moves on.

Monday, December 30, 2019

It Came To Us From WWII

Churches, synagogues and mosques all over America are deploying gun toting security apparatuses.

They have all been confronted with the same problem to solve.

“How do we know when to shoot”?

They all have seemed to settle on a phrase from the last legitimate war.

When the head  defensive shooter has comfortably identified a death threat, he or she is supposed to shout out the code phrase.

“Praise the lord and pass the ammunition”.

How really sad.

donnie is getting us pretty well where he wants us.

I would have guessed we would have been better than this.

Pont De La Tournelle December

Friday, December 27, 2019

Damn That's Fast

I guess it's really a good thing that donnie and Puty are such fast friends.

Now that Puty has the excusive (nobody else can do it) capability of hurling nukes around at 20,000 or so mph, I guess it's good that donnie hasn't pissed ol' Puty off.

I guess we're still getting great again.

Parrots In Rome

They are smaller and of a different kind than those in Paris.
These are called Monk's Parrots, or Parakeet.

Parc Mont Souris Champignons

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Parrot In Le Jardin Des Plantes

I had been wandering around following parrot calls hoping to get a picture.

I was on one of the paths close to the Seine-side entrance and stopped to listen and think about what alternate plan I might come up with to get some pictures that I had so far been unable to get.

 I was under some not very tall trees. 

As I stood there I started hearing something: 
crunch, crunch, crunch; crunch, crunch, crunch. 

I looked up and there she was.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Before The Fire: Notre Dame

Here are some images out of my archive of my Parisian Mistress.
These were taken randomly over twenty years.

The “Brilliant Bidnessman”

That’s the myth.

About donnie the dildo.

Like everything else that clings to the air around him like some sort of noxious gas, that myth is just that - a myth.

donnie is a grifter, criminal and charlatan.

But even if he were a “brilliant bidnessman” it wouldn’t have anything to do with anything.

What the world needs now is a leader occupying the American Presidency.

Can anyone who knows anything about anything imagine Reagan, Truman, Eisenhower or either Roosevelt sitting passively - after two ridiculous sham encounters with a tinhorn dictator – and letting the dictator indulge in a year-end count down to an ultimatum for him to “negotiate”?

And I guess we were lucky that John Kennedy wasn’t a “brilliant bidnessman”.

In fact, the last debacle of the magnitude of donnie was long ago and far away when Chamberlain met with Hitler.

I guess Neville must have been a “brilliant bidnessman”.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Immigrants

I heard Gabriela Moreno interviewed this morning.
When I heard that she was coming on next my attention was undividely given to NPR.
What was next is that she has just released a new album.
Since I think that she is the best voice since Linda Ronstadt, that was good news.
I didn't know the half of it.
She has collaborated in rewriting an immigrant anthem and recorded it on that new album.
And it is great.
I could imagine it as a feature of next year's Democratic Convention.
I am posting a link to 98118, a blog post I made a while back, in support of that rewritten anthem.

At A Rally In Michigan

Impeachment In Perspective

Cygnes A La Seine

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Fifth Estate

It has meanings - I discovered by doing a search - that are not what I mean.

Not even in the same frame of reference.

For example: “The Fifth Estate is a socio-cultural reference to groupings of outlier viewpoints in contemporary society, and is most associated with bloggers”.

But that’s not me.

I have been to France: about two years cumulatively over the last twenty.

The French are way more interesting than “The Fifth Estate is a socio-cultural reference to groupings of outlier viewpoints in contemporary society, and is most associated with bloggers”.

So what are the other four?


The Clergy.

The nobles.

The commoners.

The Press.

From my personal observation of, mostly Paris, the Fifth Estate is The Street.

Witness le Mouvement des gilets jaunes.

But there is Fifth Estate leakage elsewhere: witness a million women in pink-eared pussy hats in America in 2017 going into the streets to protest the election of a rapist.

And later, protesting the rapist’s appointment of a rapist to the nation’s supreme court.

When you get all those pink ears out there, that’s when  a whole nation believes in the power of THE STREET.

There will be more: until the words of Richard II who once told Wat Tyler “thou art a villein and a villein thou remains” become the genuine detritus of history, we are stuck with race and class and whatever other artifice that rich people can concoct to keep them in power as levers to keep the ancient regime in place.

Unfortunately, though, ol’ Richard was right then in 1381, and he’s right now.

And that’s the hell of it.

Nothing seems to change.

It’s still the same now as in the times of Wat (“only little people pay taxes”).

Therefore, the need for the Fifth Estate is at least as important as it would have been in Wat Tyler’s time, if he had ever had the chance of a snowball in hell and if, at that time –1381 -  there had been a street.

To deploy pink ears into.

Light hearted as all this must seem to the casual reader, we – most of us, are in a state of imminent non-dead doom: as serfdom looms for more and more of us – all the wealth in the hands of almost nobody, so the rest of us can only revert to feudal relationships - I suggest that the cities of America rip up the black top streets they currently have and replace them with cobbles.

That way we can go down fighting – at least – as members of the Fifth Estate.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Printing Press In Another Form

Things were suspended in time and space – briefly.

Some nut had figured out how to un-employ a lot of monks.

He had invented a thing that printed pages of what were to be known in the future as “type”; instead of books being copied, beautiful character, by beautiful character: whole pages were printed en masse.

An interesting idea, most thought.

But before long the bible was being “printed” in volume.

The economics of mass production made it possible to “sell” this thing at a price that a lot of people could afford.

And a whole generation of Europeans, even the British, got to read the book that they had for centuries had depended upon the priests to tell them what the book meant.

They all found that the book told them that the priests had been lying.

And a thousand years of theocracy fell in almost no time at all.

Enter the internet.

It made the world everybody’s storage medium.

I can recall telling people “the world is my disk drive”.

The internet was supposed to have democratized thought and made the best of human ideas ubiquitously available to everyone.

The devil was in the details: thought and ideas have many shapes and forms.

That has been the problem.

We now have alternate facts, fake news, donnie the dildo and Mitch McConnell.

To mention the most obvious of those problems.

And, I think we are only at the very leading edge of the era of negotiable reality.

And, just like Gutenberg, the Internet folks had our best interests in mind.

It took a couple of centuries to stop Europeans killing one another for religious reasons.

Then we had seventy years of just seeing who was strongest: that cost millions and millions of lives, and even dragged in Asian lives in the millions.

If you haven’t read an account of the “survivors” of Hiroshima in the first few post Enola Gay hours, you haven’t read any really good horror recently.

The fact – I believe it to be a fact – that we are only just beginning to pay the price for making it possible for anyone to publish his ideas is quite disheartening.

Gutenberg had the bible.

Cyber Folk have hate, lies. fear and doubt.

How nice.

In The Wings: You Thought Kavanaugh Was Bad

When Justice Ginsburg finally has to yield to the inevitability of age, and, maybe infirmity, donnie has a candidate ready.

The guy’s name is George Jeffreys.

He’s from Mississippi or somewhere like that.

(Actually he is a hologram from the 17th Century apparatus of James II, but that information is frivolous.)

It has become interesting that all the time travel and fantasy stuff seems to be actually the reality in which we are all living.

I saw some pulsing blue penises just the other day.

But back to Judge Jeffreys.

He is a believer in mass executions – hang, draw and quarter, and mount the remains on the city gates - for disloyalty to the “Unitary Executive”.

Fat Billie is a major fan.

But wait, there is more.

One of Jeffrey’s  most specific plans for revamping American law is that women who have abortions will be burned at the stake.

Bret the Rapist really likes him.

“A nice housekeeping tactic” he has been heard muttering as he quaffs his first beer in the morning.

“If a woman can just start telling the truth, where will men be”?  Bret was heard further muttering.

And Super Skier has said “we need more blood in our assizes; Judge Jeffreys will make America safe again”.

“donnie is a brilliant bidnessman”.

I heard someone say.

There was a backdrop of hollow laughter.

But I probably imagined that.

However, Oryx and Crake are real.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Only Thing That I can Figure

I have been bruising some kale for a salad, re-warming some Barn Owl Lopez Island grown wheat based sour dough tordu and rewarming last night’s celery soup left over.

Oh, also I have been watching Seth Meyers.

One of the real values to me of the late night crowd is not only how smart they are, but how they present the day’s donnie bullshit in precise clips so I can continue to evaluate what the moron in chief has said in the last 24 hours.

Today’s clips finally catalyzed something that has been going on in my background partition for some time.

donnie really thinks he is president and has become convinced that he is really good at it.

So he keeps rolling with things like dismantling the entire United States structure for being the world leader.

And increasing the national debt by a trillion a year for as far as we currently can see.

And making sure that the little people” (remember Leona Hemsley?) don’t get food stamps.

His partisans are already saying he is a greater president than Lincoln so I can see why he keeps dismantling, etc.

But down not very deep he still can’t believe he actually won the 2016 election and has never recovered from being totally incapable of even the most minor aspects of being leader of the free world.

So he has never dropped the need to have a post presidency job lined up.

Because his being a billionaire is just donnie bullshit: that’s why he doesn’t want his tax records out.

Oh, and he’s pretty worried about the Russian money laundering that has kept him financially afloat.

The whole drama of economy-killing tariffs, always on a knife’s edge from being invoked is a nice reality tv touch.

Interspersed with announcements of an imminent “phase one deal” he can keep his groundling goons on the dge of their seats.

Another great reality tv touch has been releasing a document that is edited enough to not really reveal for-sure-can’t-argue-about impeachable offences, but damn close.

Close enough to force the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives to act on impeachment.

Stupid, right?

No, it’s great reality tv.

Because getting impeached but not being removed from office is great reality tv.

You can’t calculate the dollar value of that kind of publicity.

The nature of the released document, which is a fictionalized account of a phone call – the real transcript is hidden - virtually guarantees that donnie will be found innocent by his republican slime buddies in the senate.

And going off to rallies and just plain making stuff up about everything, not only the Articles of Impeachment, is great red meat for “The Base” (the groundling goons); but I have been hearing the base merely tittering, not roaring, at recent rallies, so how is that a good political strategy?

It isn’t; but it’s great reality tv.

I could continue but I am getting tired and my wine glass needs to be re-filled.

What has suddenly become obvious to me is that donnie would like to be re-elected, but he fears it’s a long shot and to cover the post presidency blues he wants to walk into a billion dollar tv contract for a new kind of reality tv offering: The Conspiracy Theory of How a Sociopath Paranoid Accidentally Won The Presidency and Got Hooted Out of Office.

Rudy is the head script writer; the first season is in the can.

Rudy is scheduled to be in the can imminently.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

More About donnie’s Muslims

I think I have heard this.

It is so unsettling and unbelievable I would like to think that I have only imagined hearing it.

But I keep seeming to hear it.

And I listen to NPR.

The same crowd that donnie and Jared are hand-holding buddies with, the same crowd that killed, dismembered and dissolved in acid a member of the American Press Corps (“enemy of the people”) have come home to roost again.

In the murder etc. of Khashogghi donnie said that his Muslims didn’t do it.

There’s a lot of evidence that that he is at best wrong, or, more likely, lying.

What a surprise.

After another of donnie’s Muslims killed three people at NAS Pensacola yesterday, donnie said the king was real sorry.

He didn’t mention that the dead assassin  is probably now a Muslim martyr.

I can’t remember how many virgins that gets him in Valhalla or wherever it is that dead Muslim assassins go.

Now it seems to have been disclosed that the martyr hosted a dinner party the night before the massacre that featured videos of mass killings.

And it also seems to have been disclosed that one or more members of the dinner party shot videos of the massacre in progress

Probably planning a follow-on dinner party.

It has also been cautiously conjectured that several of the dinner party crowd are in the land of the missing.

Probably some more martyr wannabes.

It is understood that there is a limitless supply of virgins in that place wherever it is that Muslim martyrs go, so the application list for martyrs is pretty long.

Among donnie’s Muslims.

donnie has been pretty quiet today, but I’m sure he will say that all his Muslims are AOK.

I guess donnie is just checking in with his handler – Putin – to find out the best way to handle this debacle before he goes to twitter code orange.

I do predict however that part of the story that donnie and his republican lackeys  ultimately concoct will be that it’s all Obama’s fault, and that the plan for the attack is to be found on the server that Joseph of Arimathea took to Ukraine (see previous blog on this subject).

America is not “polarized”; America has been morally and intellectually poleaxed.

Paris Crow In Yellow Leaves