Monday, June 26, 2017

Screen Saver 062617

screen saver blog post 062617 00000

You can always tell when a picture was taken in 2010.  My Sony NEX 5 had that little triangle as an unwanted bonus feature.  Neither I nor anyone at Sony could figure out how to get rid of it.  I took a few of the little pointy problems out of special images with Photoshop; these several years later I am glad I left most of them; they are sort of a time stamp;  by the time I got back to Paris in 2012 I had upgraded to a NEX 7, sans triangle.

screen saver blog post 062617 00001.

The spiral staircase of the apartment I sometimes occupy on Isle de la Cité…

screen saver blog post 062617 00002

Parc Monceau

screen saver blog post 062617 00003

Over by l’Arsenal de Paris and La Bastille on January 2 of some year.

screen saver blog post 062617 00004

This is as close as I have ever gotten to getting the lights on La Seine captured in an image.  The real thing is the real thing; this is a pale reproduction.

screen saver blog post 062617 00005

The Screen Saver served up this cropped image I shot with telephoto from the fourth floor of my apartment on Quai aux Fleurs; that apartment allowed me to be flaneur and voyeur both at once.

screen saver blog post 062617 00006

There is a bird dead center of this image.

screen saver blog post 062617 00007

And there is a bird in this sack. This bird is great for dinner and the leftovers, and a half baguette ordinaire, makes a great sandwich to eat by the little lake at Parc Montsourris.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Walk On A Sunny Day In Seattle

Every now and then I post pictures I have taken on a walk.

Usually the walk has been in Paris.

Sometimes it has been on the boardwalk at Anacortes while I am waiting for a ferry.

It has never been in Seattle.

And there is a reason for that: in my neighborhood there isn’t much worth taking pictures of; but yesterday it was different.

It was really nice, sunny, no clouds and 80 degrees.

And everything that can bloom is blooming; and all the birds that live around here were out in the bushes just begging to have their pictures taken.

I took a surprising number of images.

Here are a few of them.


The lavender in the bed in front of the house is as beautiful as it ever gets.

But there are alarmingly few bees; this guy had the whole plant to himself.

seattle bee on lavender 062317 00000

In front of the house a robin was still singing the Robin Morning Song; or he was early at singing the Robin Evening Song; my grandmother always called the song calling for rain.

seattle robin on wire 062317 00001

The Tiger Swallow Tail had the whole bush to herself.

seattle tiger swallow tail 062317 00000

As I said, things are blooming.

seattle rose 062317 00000

seattle dandelion 062317 00000

And some of the fruit trees are beginning to look serious about contributing to the food supply of the local birds.

It looks like an olive tree but it isn’t.

I like to take pictures of dead trees in the water.

seattle stump in water 062317 00000

I saw this killdeer running around in the plantain flowers; the flowers make getting the bird focused difficult.

seattle killdeer 062317 00004

This heron really did seem to be posing.

seattle heron 062317 00000

Mount Rainier


I like turtles.

seattle turtle 062317 00000

And, finally, this flower seemed to sum up the beauty of the day.

seattle blue clemetis 062317 00000