Sunday, June 27, 2010

Countdown To Four Months

I have just gone through the amazingly annoying process of setting up a blog on This has been done in preparation for my actual arrival in Paris on October 1. I am going for my longest ever residence in the City to pick up the pieces of a novel that I have started and to eat a lot of onion soup. The novel, if it happens, will be an attempt to call attention to myself, and to my memoir, already published and drawing vast amounts of disinterest from the reading public. That memoir is titled Screen Saver. There is a great deal more about it at There is a lot more at

One thing did happen in the process of creating this new blog site in support of the Paris adventure: I have been able to get Microsoft Word to acknowledge its existence.

Posting from Word blog templates is unbelievably convenient. For some reason that I have never been able to identify Word ceased that relationship with screensaverbynoel.

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