Sunday, January 8, 2012


E mails are beginning to become a fertile source for posts.

This is one I sent to a friend of Mysti’s and mine recently.

After how many years?  The orchid you and Tom gave us for our anniversary is finally deciding to bloom again.

A friend of mine has five or six orchids that are always blooming.  She lives in Portland, and one time recently when I was visiting I had almost brought this orchid to see if her magic could make it  bloom.

I decided to wait.  I had not long before adopted her method of watering.  Once a week she puts each orchid in the sink and gives the plant – leaves and all – a deep water bath with the spray attachment.

After adopting that method I thought I was seeing something – different – forming down in on of the vortices; so I decided to wait and see.

As a scientist I’m glad I did.

Apparently that watering method is the magic, not the person doing it.  If I had brought the thing to Portland I would have been saddled with one more baseless superstition.

the orchid

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