Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Cow and the Delayed train

Today was a cleaning day for the apartment.

Given the vagaries of when Alex will appear and how long he will be there I have adopted the practice of leaving town for the day: Chantilly and Chartres so far.

Today was to be Senlis.

After the third "retard" I decided to face the fact that I was going to miss the autocar from Chantilly to Senlis.

Apparently Senlis doesn’t have a railroad connection.  That is really odd, since all towns seem to have railroad connections in France.

But I guess Senlis doesn’t. And that is why the autocar was important to me.  It was the second leg of the ticket that I had bought and it had, I assumed, a hard and fast departure time.  Given the delay, I was not going to make the connection.

That fact, which made the major delay a significant travel consideration, caused me to think about alternatives.

I could go to Chantilly and not care about missing the auto car.  I could just go to lunch, lurk around, and then catch the next train back to Paris.

But that wouldn’t use the amount of time that I had yet to burn.

And beyond the need to be out of the apartment for whatever the time was going to be the Alex was going to be cleaning, the weather had become a major consideration.

It has been raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

So I decided to use the tickets later - at the next cleaning  probably - bag the trip to Senlis for today, and go and do something else.

So I took the longest metro ride I could invent to go to Invalides and go to the museum - out of the rain and in a place where I could kill a lot of time.

A leisurely dejuner at Cafe du Metro came next - with appropriately long metro connections from Invalides.

Then - the cow had quit pissing but it looked to be getting ready to re-start in earnest - the metro took me to Le Depart where I am now.

The cow looks to be ready to attack the rock again but when I leave here I will be on the last lap so I guess I will endure the downpour and walk home.

A Metro ride would leave me as long a walk in any event.

Yesterday was nice, though.

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