Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Arm The Kids; We Don’t Need Hired Guns

The NRA wants armed guards in all our schools.  My first reaction has been, who is going to pay for that.  John Boehner has been my knee jerk answer to that question - "how odd" I heard someone say.

But serially, my only real problem with that proposition is how vanilla and weak tea it is.

I say we put every four year old - as they come on stream as four year olds - into Navy Seal training.  We should keep them there until they are ten years old and can be put in the first grade to defend their schools. 

The on-going stream of get-into-Pakistan-and-back-out young people that we would release into our society would be such a great leap forward that no nut gunman or nut rogue state would ever  mess with us again.

Unless they are really nuts.

Kim Jong Un comes to mind.

But I hear objections: "those kids will be taken out of the population of Americans that we need to carry the culture forward" seems to predominate.



This is serious.  Our guns are at risk.  Let us all use the resource we have - our children - to save our guns.

And we could fix the lack of rational Americans with skills we need - engineeers, scientists, poets, writers, journalists, etc. (because they will all be training to get OSBL's sucessors) - with a more liberal immigration law.

I hear the cult that used to be the republican party howling at that modest proposal.

So I retract it.

Because the situation is a self solving quandry.

The kids of the immigrants would have to go - in their time - to seal school.

So let's roll out the guns to the cloakrooms of our schools.

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