Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Curious Confluence: Chapter Eight–Saumon Avec Champignons

Today I had an idea. Maybe I could combine two cooking tricks I have learned and produce a superior product for dinner.

Trick one is something I learned accidentally long ago. A filet of salmon turns out beautifully if you put it on the grill skin side down and cook it until a lot of white stuff has sweated out of the flesh. At that point the salmon is a little rare which shows off the texture and flavor of salmon to its best.

Trick two is something I have learned since coming to France. If you put anything – haricorts vertes, côte de porc for example – in a covered pan on an element pre-heated to high (emulating the instant heat of a gas range) and let whatever it is sear at high heat, but enveloped in the moisture that that searing drives out of whatever it is, and if you terminate this process just short of burning whatever it is, you produce amazingly flavorful results.

I decided to ust the big pot with the heavy glass lid that I have bought to cook the huge artichokes from Britany that I have been feasting upon. At high heat I seared the salmon with its skin side down in emulation of grilling. When the white stuff appeared in some abundance I terminated the process and put the salmon on a warmed plate.

After quick searing some mushrooms in the salmon juice, lemon jiuce and calvados and putting them and their juice atop the fish I had something that was too good to have been cooked by me. I am going to call it Saumon avec Champignons.

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