Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today I heard the news that the Supreme Court has eviscerated the voting rights act.

It’s hard not to see a pattern.

So I posted on Facebook:

“I guess the pattern is obvious: Citizens United, rescind the Voting Rights Act. Coming Next: The Exclude Those "Not Like Us " Voting Act, which says that the "We" in the Preamble means only those of the racial stock and gender who were free citizens under the Articles of Confederation. Man that's strictly constructionist.”

A friend responded”

“And must be land owners?”

To which I replied:

“Not so stated, but implicitly included.”

Then it got serious.

Another friend, one whom I have known since my days in Saigon, one who is mentioned in my little memoir Saigon 1967 then chimed in:

“And ultimately another civil war??”

Oddly enough I had an answer already formulated to that unexpected question:

“Yeah, probably.

I don’t see how, with the number of militias extant, all wanting to go back to some other time, and all armed to the teeth with combat level weapons, and all trained to high skill level in the weapons’ use, we can avoid an outbreak of insurgencies.

When the insurgencies commence it will depend upon how well those militias are coordinated (have they got a war hard proprietary Twitter equivalent?) and upon what percentage of the officer corps of the US Army and Marines are waiting for those militias to kick the top off the anthill so that they can intercede and lead the insurgency rides the future of the Republic.

I ran an extremely low octane version of this viewpoint by some people at a potluck dinner recently.

I was met with a table full of Little Orphan Annie eyes.

I hope that being thought to be insane has some advantages.”

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