Monday, November 25, 2013

Obama’s Latest Artifice: Use The Power

Consider the republicans' accusation that the interim nuclear agreement with Iran is just an Obama gambit to take people's attention of the Affordable Care Act:

1. The President got the four other permanent Security Council members AND one of the other Great Powers - Germany - to get together, taking time away from manifold other concerns, and spend their time to draw attention away from a domestic problem that the President has.


2. The President got Iran to sit down with the Great Satan to talk about reducing Iran's nuclear program.


3. The President got Iran to agree to reduce its program. And he got the four from the Security Council to agree to agree (no one can remember the last time that has happened) and they, along with Germany actually signed the agreement.

And the President got all of them to do all of that so he - the President - could draw attention away from ObamaCare.

Man, that is power.

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