Thursday, March 20, 2014

PuCronies and Other Sorts of Whimsy

They all said they didn’t give a shit about American sanctions.

All of them are Putin’s Cronies.

PuCronies seems an apt term.

All of them are wealthy beyond belief because they grew up with “the Vlad”; no wonder all have remained loyal.

I guess it is really stupid for an American President to think he can exercise leverage on that sort of bunch.

And the response pretty well supports that view because Putin’s Puppets (PuPuppets) have responded in kind.

They have “sanctioned” people such as John McCain and John Boehner with travel bans.

How stupid.

“Stupid” it would be it it weren’t a farce acted out by two “governments” dedicated to the pursuit of nothing.

But since “nothing” is the apparent objective, “farce” seems to be the better description of those government’s actions.

Speaking of farces, the last time I heard some European world leader justifying a swift and unilateral change of the boundaries of nation states, of unilateral annexation of a part or all of what had been until the declaration of annexation a happy little country muddling along as best it could, with said annexation based on the “race” or something closely kindred to the “race” of the annexees being the justification or basis for said annexation, was at a time when I couldn’t hear.

I hadn’t been born yet.

If you can't hear Hitler in Putin, you can’t hear, or you can’t read; or you haven’t read.

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