Sunday, April 20, 2014

OK–Now I Need to Talk


“GENEVA—Ukraine and Russia, backed by the U.S. and Europe, agreed Thursday to steps to de-escalate tensions, including demobilizing militias, vacating seized government buildings and establishing a political dialogue that could lead to more autonomy for Ukraine's regions.”

And then again:

“SLOVYANSK, Ukraine — A shootout at a checkpoint run by pro-Russian militants near this town in eastern Ukraine, which left at least three people dead on Sunday highlighted the fragility of a truce reached days earlier by diplomats in Geneva.”

So today it appears that, unless the Western press are just liars – a real possibility, I guess – the same old Russian horseshit continues.

I assume that that horseshit has the ultimate objective of taking more territory;  I won’t pretend to know exactly what territory or how much territory – but some territory, as in more than none.

While discussing Russian horseshit, I have heard that they – the Russians – have said that if indeed there are any provocateurs in Ukraine, they are American contractors.

The “American contractors” figment, coupled with all the other amazing information emanations from Sovietville – Nazis in Kiev, anti Semitism (this from the heartland of anti-Semitic pogroms) and anti-Russian violence against ethnic Russians – seems to point to either of two things from the Kremlin:  utter delusionary substitution for reality, or a page taken from the Hitler Playbook – Big Lies.

In either case there is nothing going on on the eastern border of Ukraine that points to anything but an Anschluss underway.

So now I will get to the point.

Why did Europe and the United States do so much and spend so much and lose so many lives from 1938 to now just to see the whole Hitler thing happen again?

As dramatically world-shaking as that question is intended to be, it is really only a red herring intended to pique your interest.

The real question is why do the taxpayers of the United States of America pay half a trillion dollars, more or less, a year, to stand around playing with themselves while a puffed up buffoon takes key pieces of the important part of the world into his tin-pot “empire”?

Do we have a military second to none, or do we just have a huge lobbyist controlled source of graft?

Since we are apparently afraid of Putin I have to assume the latter.

Do we need to wait until he decides to annex Alaska before we pierce the balloon of graft?

I guess Silly Sarah had a point when she said she could see Russia from her house.

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