Friday, August 8, 2014

How High’s Your Camel, Mama?

I have been listening to the BBC while I have been eating my mid day meal.

There is a lot of interesting stuff today, as always is the case, on the BBC.

My ears really perked up, though, at the discussion of the fact that INOI (islamic nuts of iraq) have taken over Mosul Dam.

Actually I heard yesterday that they had taken it over, but nobody much wanted to talk about that grim fact at the time.

Today – apparently - grimness is more popular in the international newsfeeds.

The short story is that if the INOI either decide to let the dam disgorge its store of water, or, because they haven’t a clue how to maintain it (and apparently the thing needs daily maintenance by high tech hydraulic and geologic engineers – a skill set sadly lacking in INOI, they being more versed in things sharia) the dam just plain fails, the resulting flood will cover Mosul under 30 meters (I think that’s what I heard) of water and then move on down to Baghdad where it will only cover that city with 5 meters ( I did hear that) .

Five meters is more than fifteen feet.

Where is Noah when we need him?

Maybe Russell Crowe can get his boat to Baghdad in time for the event.

It would be a hell of an entertaining documentary.

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