Thursday, September 11, 2014

Competence as a Word and How it Relates to Strategy

After all the foo foo dust has settled upon the glittering generalities of how a “great nation” such as – the profferer of the cloud of foo foo  asserted last evening – we are, one needs to wonder something.

At least I do.

What I wonder is, how do we use air power, which has been a major force in military “tactics” over the last sixty or so years as a suddenly reinvented “strategy”?

Understanding the meaning of the word “strategy” easily answers that question.

But no one anymore knows what strategy means.

So that is why the word is so misused.

How sad.

Sad for about 330 million of us.

But let’s move on.

No point in crying over spilled blood.

The tactical success of air power shouts its strategic flaw.

It doesn’t  and didn’t stop groups like the Viet Cong.

But I am dating myself.

But I will assert that in sixty or seventy years we have pretty well proven in the laboratory of the battle field that air power doesn’t win wars..

And our President, last night declared what I consider to be war, against the islamic nuts in – wherever.

So we are, I guess, at war.

So – how does this all come out?

There seems to be an interesting answer to that question.

It doesn’t.

Come out.

But if we flail around long enough implementing this “strategy”– for long enough,  the President will serve out his term and will be able to go on to the Presidency or Harvard – or, wherever.

Now, that is a strategy.

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