Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Eagle on the Tombolo

A few days ago Mysti and I walked a few miles.
Some of those miles were on the spit road that skirts the bay.
At the time of day that we were on the road the water had come in filling all the little mini lakes and micro ponds that mark the high water mark of the bay.
Those little bodies of water are all bordered by wonderful salt water tolerant grasses and succulents.
It’s a kind of magical place.
The magic, it turned out, was to be enhanced as we walked the road.
There was an eagle sitting staring absently into the water.
There was that unbelievably white head and there was that unbelievably white tail and there was that unbelievably black/brown of the rest of the bird; it was hard not to stare.
I decided to stare with my camera.
The bird – apparently a showman – rose to the occasion and into the air and started shooting touch and goes with the water.
I had him in my sights; I shot and shot; I focused and focused.
Out of thirty shots there were three that were OK.
Then there was this one:

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