Thursday, March 3, 2016

Some Roses

I am trying to avoid posting anything about the exciting, interesting and historically significant implosion of the republican party.

I think the last time that sort of thing happened was when the republican party was born.

Lincoln won and the Whigs disappeared.

Looks as if this time Trump gets nominated, the republicans disappear, the Democrats win again and the country loses – big, big, big big.

That’s huge.

So I have moved on to things of more importance to me in that interim between now and our now mutually imminent oblivion.

Those important things are roses.

These images were taken over time during visits to Paris..

paris 2012 roses 121612 00002

paris 2012 roses 121612 00003

paris 2012 roses 121612 00005

paris 2012 roses 121612 00007

paris 2014 montsouris rose 052514 00001

paris 2014 rose  061514 00000

paris 2014 wild rose 051514 00000

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