Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Fragment; Probably A Lie

I have heard over the years numerous accounts – one even from a young first generation American woman I met at a party at Joe’s – that document the fact that a lot of “undocumented” immigrants do pay social security, taxes etc. 

But they don’t get credit.

The money just gets stirred into the great American “entitlement” pot au feu.

And gets doled out to “the rest of us”.

Pretty good deal for “the rest of us”.

But the haters have a rejoinder for that possible fact also.

They want to throw undocumented immigrants who pay SS in prison for having SS numbers (one might ask how, in some other world, people with SS documentation are “undocumented”; but what the hell). 

As always with the haters, they want to have it ALL ways as long as the equation solves toward their self conceived facts.

That is all probably a lie, though.

I have obviously been tainted by creeping socialistic humanism.

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