Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Green Men In America

I’m not going to indulge in subject development; I’m just going to assert a few things that I have read enough about to believe to be true.

Putin has a few major goals, a guiding strategy.

He wants to take back the Russian “near abroad”.

That is Ukraine, the three Baltic states and some fragments in the vicinity of Georgia.

It may include Georgia itself.

He’ll decide later about Poland and the two Czechs.

He wants to dismantle NATO.

He wants to drive the United States as far from Europe as he can pull off.

Which is why he wants NATO gone.

He even has tactics that he uses in support of that strategy.

If there is a significant Russian population living in one his targets he deploys agents to get them all stirred up about being mistreated by their legal government.

Then he deploys non-uniformed, highly specialized and trained agents to bring the abuse of Russians pot to a full boil.

These are the little green men we have heard about so much.

Then suddenly significantly armed military personnel without military rank or insignia appear and support the military activities of the mistreated Russians.

These tactics are supported by web and social media based waves of misinformation and lies and by expert hacking of every legitimate data base that can be hacked.

Those tactics have resulted in the de facto annexation of large parts of eastern Ukraine to Russia.

Those tactics have resulted in Russia’s outright annexation of Crimea.

Now the electronic and misinformation variety of those tactics are in full force in the Baltic countries.

Twenty Six percent of Latvia’s population is Russian.

At this point the plot thickens.

And it thickens damn fast.

Latvia is a member of NATO.

Article five of the NATO treaty says that any nation of the alliance attacked is the same as if all the members have been attacked.

So when the little green men and non uniformed military phase of Putin’s tactics begin in Latvia there is going to be a come to Jesus session; and it’s going to happen damn quick: when the green men show up in Latvia, Latvia is going to invoke Article Five and a NATO response is going to be required – damn quick.

That something is going to needs be primarily a military response from the United States, the major power of NATO.

Putin is betting that when that response is demanded the US is going to do nothing – except talk.

I’m betting with Putin.

Now pivot with me for a moment.

Have any of you noticed a lot of Russian hacks of important digital assets in the United States recently?

Does it seem to you that the Russians seem to have as easy an access to America’s computer systems as do Americans?

We don’t have concentrations of Russians in any one place in the US  so we can skip the whipping the overseas Russian population into a frenzy phase.

But what about the stream of misinformation that flows real time from the tweeter in chief?

The donald’s Russian connections, affinity and Ukrainian related activities of one of his key advisors may qualify him and his minions as the little green men in America.

The stream of lies  that emanate from them could certainly support that interpretation of their function.

And what if massive Russian hacks of our election systems and voting machines deliver on trump’s promise of a rigged election on election day?

And what happens on the 10th of November when the US election is declared fatally flawed and undecidable and the little green men and non uniformed military suddenly appear in Latvia and Latvia invokes Article Five and America can’t figure out who is the next President, let alone make a massive military commitment to a NATO member?

And what happens on the 11th when the greenies et al show up in Estonia?

And on the 12th when it is Lithuania?

Seems like endgame to me.

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