Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For My Russian Readers If They Exist

One of your countrymen, Arkady Ostrovsky, is a pretty impressive guy.

I have read his book, The Invention of Russia.

That book explains a lot.

This week I am reading his contribution to The Economist:

That continues in kind.

If any of you do exist, after reading The Economist, you might want to read a blog post I put up in June of 2014:

And, if you exist, and if you hang in there with me through all of the above, I recommend that you read Mr. Ostrovsky’s  book: the last chapter, Aerial Combat, will give you the basis for a gigantic LOL; the chapter exposes the utter naiveté of my blog post.

Here is an absolutely non sequitur of an image; but I was proud to have taken it:

seattle small bird 102216 00000

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