Saturday, October 21, 2017

It Has Already Been Done

This is a picture a Facebook friend posted a few minutes ago.

I looked at it.

(By the way, I admire this young woman and her family; she is the daughter of a guy i used to sing with in the RF Trio.  We almost went somewhere – the Trio.)

The first thing I noticed was what the rest of this post is about.

Anyway, here is the picture and the follow on observation that screams out to me – at least to me; at least to me:


And here is what I said to Stacey on Facebook:

Odd: They are eating what looks to be food that we are imminently going to be keeping out of this white, god fearing country with the wall of trump; Stacey: aren't you worried that your family will be on the deport list? Or, to say what I really mean, why is that idiot and his idiot followers railing against a fait accomplis?

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