Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thoughts Of The Seine

When first I moved into this apartment I was massively entertained by a panoramic view of the Seine from four floors up. It was an experience I had never thought about having, or ever had expected to have, so it was special, exciting and, I guess, wonderful.

As the days have passed I have noticed something of which at first I had only vague inklings, but which has, every day become more assertive and more a part of whatever it is that I am. Living with the Seine around the clock and seeing all of its traffic, its inhabitants, its massive variations of color, surface texture and reflection of light have made it more than a river. So-living with it has made it become a consciousness asserting being that demands attention. This river, which I have loved from the first time ever I saw it has become more than a sight, a view, a scene or anything narrowly visual only. It has become an entity with emotions, depth of feeling, assertive behavior and insinuatingly endearing qualities of friendship and companionship.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised though. As this video accompanied by me reading a passage from Screen Saver illustrates, I have flirted with this phenomenon before, but with fewer dimensions.

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