Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ol’ Ted the Synthetic American


This started as a Facebook post, but I decided that I preferred to make it a blog post.

And there is a reason for that: I am having second and third thoughts about posting the rest of my book Closing Time on this blog, so I need something else to post if I am to continue with the vehicle..

The things that I rave about while cooking dinner seemed appropriate fodder for a post

So I decided to do it..

I decided to post one of the raves.

Please bear in mind, what follows has the same credibility as that of Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.

It is just the stream of conscious sort of thing that comes out of me with a glass of wine and a skillet full of zucchini.

And I always enjoy hearing it.

So maybe you will enjoy reading it.


I think he may be Sarah Palin's brother

“He” is ol’ Ted, ol’ Ted the pseudo American.

I have heard that Sarah's mother lived in Canada before moving to Alaska where she brought little Canadian Sarah into the US illegally; I think she - Sarah's mother -  probably had a liaison with some sort of native Canadian in Canada before - or after -  Sarah was conceived – by god knows what - and that produced Ted. 

Ted is either Sarah’s older, or perhaps,her younger, brother. 

Who knows?

Who cares, really?

Except that the facts are insidious:Ted is not Cuban; he is Canadian First Nation. 

So maybe he can run for Commissioner of Indian Affairs here in the US. 

Certainly he can’t run for president.


I will say one thing: if that shithead-who-is-not-a-citizen were to be elected president (lower case intended) I would do everything in my limited power to bring down his presidency. 

That is what I would do; but the words are Mitch McConnell's.

And they reflect the "steakhouse strategy" of the republican cult. 

That is the strategy concocted in early 2009 in a DC lurking point where a group of republicans committed to bring down the Obama Presidency met an plotted. 

“We need to take back our country” they all said.

“From whom”, I in my oblivious ignorance replied.

I won’t repeat what they said next. 

But it was colorful.

We American’s have been living for 5 years now in a Christian CABAL/cult controlled terrorist state of affairs - with a President trying to keep the train on the tracks and the Christian racists all out there doing everything they can think of to derail the train. 

I am really tired of it. 

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