Thursday, December 11, 2014

“Safe” Equals “Dead”

The CIA has been everywhere on the airwaves and video waves and the blog waves and the POD waves of the last day or so.

After all, a report has just been issued that seems to tell some sort of version of something one might construe to be the truth.

And the CIA can’t deal with truth.

So they and their minions have all gone on message.

And the message is:

“EITs” really yield actionable intelligence that keeps Americans safe.

I guess that works with the vast majority of the herd cows that have replaced a once proud and independent people.

“Safe” is the banner under which they graze.

How nice.

I want to puke every time I hear the word “safe”

To me, that use of the word “safe” has always seemed pretty close to the word “dead”.

“Dead” pretty much has only one use; “safe” can have, we can see from the use I am describing, can have many.

But that’s just me.

“Safe” to me implies cowering.

And I don’t like cowering.

I guess, however, that cowering is the new American posture..

(I had a conversation with a Parisian a couple of weeks ago on the quai on the banks of the Seine on the way to Jardin des Plantes.He said that he was appalled at how Americans were all so afraid of everything. I had to agree.We parted friends)

Lest it be thought that this is my first post on the subject of “safeness” please read on.

This link to a previous post pretty well tells the tale of my attitude to being “safe”.

So lets move on to the next subject.

The US Senate (some say the treasonous Democrats) has/have just released a vast report about EITs.

In the 500 page “Executive Summary” we learn that:

EITs are methods acronymously standing for the words “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

The acronym is a stand in for the word “torture”.

It – the acronym - sounds much better when liars like John Brennan get up and spew their stuff upon the airwaves.

But torture is torture and EITs make me ashamed.

But I am even more ashamed when a large segment of my fellow citizens (they would and will deny any such fellowship with me due to their high and esteemed positions in the scheme of things American compared to my low and reviled place at the bottom of things American) tell me and anybody else who is unfortunate enough to have to listen to them that EITs have saved … (you fill in the blanks).

And the crown that gets planted on the head of my shame is the very thought that being “safe” is more important to Americans than being “honorable”


And there are not enough slimy bureaucratic lies and sidesteps and postures and assertions to change that fact.

I am not “afraid”; I do not particularly want to be “safe”; I am REALLY tired of liars telling me “how it is”.

I am a patriot.

I served in Vietnam.

I love the America that climbed the cliffs at Normandy.

I read The Great Rehearsal every few years just to keep the magic and splendor of our Constitution ever current in my thoughts.

But “EITs” and all the associated verbal gymnastics of their purveyors make me sick.

I am profoundly ashamed.

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