Monday, September 12, 2016


I'm listening to Terri Gross on KUOW.

She is interviewing a woman who has written a book about how to train a cat.

"Dog's" she said, "are descended from social animals - wolves - and cats are descended from non-social African Wild Cats."

"That's interesting" I said.

Rosie, who was sitting staring into space in the "sun room" (a glass covered deck off the kitchen here on the island) mumbled something.

"So, Rosie, what do you think?" I said.

She made her "it's time for me to be brushed" sound.

So I said, "let's go" and set out for the bathroom where her special little brushing ledge sits just above the drawer where we keep her brush.

She got there just before I did,

We had a nice brush.

Her brother Alfie came in and sat on the floor until Rosie was satisfied with the quality of her experience; when she was satisfied she jumped down and Alfie jumped up to the brushing station.

He said, as I started brushing his lush orange pelt, "You know, I think it's a waste of time trying to train a cat; it makes more sense for cats to train their humans".

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