Saturday, September 17, 2016

More On The Little Green Men

This post starts with a reading assignment.

And that’s not good – for me.

It’s not good for me because, as someone who is long on thoughts and opinions, and short on (“lacking of” would be more accurate) followers, I am starting a post by asking whoever comes net surfing along to do something abhorrent to most people these days.

I am asking them to read a midsized non fiction work.

And then – I am out of editorial mode in just a few more characters – I am going to ask them to do something even more abhorrent: after reading The Invention Of Russia: From Gorbachev’s Freedom To Putin’s War (the reading assignment) see if, after forming a distillation of the author’s message (Arkady Ostrovsky) you don’t get a creepy feeling about the sort of country that this year’s American election seems to be causing to be birthed.

Or maybe it is just finally being revealed.

I favor the former viewpoint.

In any event, then read the first leader and the related briefing in the “Art of the Lie” 9 September 2016 edition of The Economist.

And then ask yourself a simple question: “Why does donnie have the hots for Puty? Do donnie’s years of Russian contact have a deeper meaning than his cockamamie ‘I was there on business’ assertions”?

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