Monday, December 10, 2018

North Carolina Voting

Irony is a beautiful thing.

The republicans in North Carolina take endless turns at the drum of voter fraud.

They beat that drum incessantly.

They have never ending relay teams moving in to relieve one another to keep the drumbeat eternal.

And under the rhythmic cover of that drumbeat they keep passing laws that don’t avoid voter fraud; instead they avoid letting “those people” vote.

No voter fraud, ever.

But now we, finally, have voter fraud in North Carolina.

A beautiful thing: it has been perpetrated by the republicans.

But lost in all the weeds and nits and lice of the details of the fraud there is a question that screams to be answered.

What kind of (expletive deleted) moron would give his or her ballot to some guy who comes to the door asking for ballots?

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