Friday, December 28, 2018

So What Is Three Quarters Of A Trillion Dollars Buying Us?

The Soviets – I mean the Russians – claim to have successfully tested their hypersonic missile.

The thing goes 23 times the speed of sound.

The speed of sound is a moveable feast, depending upon how high the thing going at the speed is: at sea level, I think I remember that the speed of sound is 720 MPH.

So, if the Soviet – excuse me – Russian missile were coming at us at sea level (that would probably hit a lot of hills, dales, mountains and fast food restaurants so the Soviets probably would put it up a little in the air and it would, therefore, be a little slower) it would hit the west coast of America in no time at all.

donnie got elected by Putin and the crowd so he doesn’t give a shit about that scenario – in fact he calls all the coverage of the thing “fake news”; and Kelly Anne says we are dealing with alternate facts; and the lady whose last name rhymes with “panders” is saying that the whole thing is a “Democrat Party Plot to undermine the credibility of this president”.

I really don’t care about any of the stream of lies that flows from the white house.

But I would like to know why almost 800 billion dollars of “defense spending” leaves us exposed to a missile that travels at 16,560 MPH at sea level.

And we have no counter measures.

I know donnie is a brilliant negotiator, but what did he negotiate to sell us out to that level of exposure?

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