Sunday, February 16, 2020

We Are So Screwed I

“We” being the  people who have been drafted, or who have volunteered for military service, and who have paid whatever the taxes that have been levied, and who have believed what all our grade school and high school history teachers have told us about our origins and about our probable futures.

That’s “we”.

A lot of “us” have probably heard John Stewart sing Can You Hear Me Wyoming?

But that is from a simpler time.

So this next is a little jarring:

More than 1,100 ex-Justice Department officials call for Barr’s resignation

Sounds as if the soul of America still exists, doesn’t it?

However the prime caveat in donnie’s-dildo-land (seriously they are planning a reality TV theme park with that name, featuring of course, a phallic trump tower at its center) rules.

And that caveat is that the 1100 had better worry about their tax returns - donnie-the-you-can't-have-my tax-returns - probably has already gotten his minions in the IRS to turn them over to Fat Billie.

Barr is such a slimy pig that donnie actually looks kinda harmless sometimes - being overtly stupid can be an endearing characteristic.

But Fat Billie serves well the slime in chief.

"I have my orders" he has been heard muttering; "Heil Drumpf" has been another interesting outburst.

White House wags have been heard referring to it as "Barr doing a Peter Sellers".

But the longer we go the more likely the implosion of the Republic.

And I am not at all convinced that Medicare for All or even a Fifteen Dollar Minimum Wage (after all, that has been in the talking for several years and still hasn't happened) and time and tide and inflation - in the things needed for survival, like rent, have all marched smartly on - have much purchase on the problem with which the Republic is threatened.

That threat is its own population.

Or a large segment thereof.

Tocqueville marveled about many of the things that he encountered in America.

Of paramount importance among them was that we could govern ourselves – quite successfully and effectively – without a king.

A significant percentage of our population has emerged as the “base”.

I have heard of base metals and base motives; I guess there are base people.

And therein lies a little problem which belies Tocqueville's observation.

The “base” has no idea what the responsibilities of self government and its attendant freedom from the tyranny of monarchy are.

They love a despot.

If he seems funny.

Just like what they have been watching on the tube for their entire lives.

And that leaks into serious shit: apparently the keepers of the electoral college farce all love donnie, no matter what he does.

After all, it’s just TV.


One needs to wonder how that viewpoint differs from stupidity.

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