Friday, April 17, 2020

I Got This Email From Stop-republicans.Org

It said:

"Donald Trump is trying to shut down the Postal Service!

That means NO ONE could Vote-By-Mail in the 2020 Election."

I was, of course shocked that donnie should be accused of malfeasance.

So I answered the email:

TO: Do Not Ignore, Okay?

I understand and agree with your concern about that idiot who is pretending to be president trying to abolish the post office.

The problem with it in my specific case is the 98118 Post Office was closed a couple of years ago – they sold the land to a developer who is building a high rise.

I think the new building is  going to be called “trump titty rump titty rump rump rump”.

They  replaced the Post Office that used to function there with a rump “retail” post office (you can buy stamps) in the neighborhood, and a prison like facility where all the real operational mail stuff occurs.

That facility is in an almost unreachable part of some other ZIP Code.

There is a phone number for that facility, but no one answers it, and there is a front door with a bell that can be rung to solicit service.

The bell has no effect on whatever is going on within.

No service is ever forthcoming.

So donnie has been busy as a bee already, in 98118.

My suggestion for vote by mail is to sidestep the moron.

Contract with Amazon to do the 2020 vote.

Bezos hasn't a lot of use for donnie.

You might get a pretty good price.

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