Friday, April 17, 2020

Lopez Report 041720

We are just trying to stay safe.

Here on Lopez Island.

I hide under the bed most days.

There are the makings for an additional cat under there.

Cat hair makes a nice warm coating for staying safe and for worrying.

My greatest worry is trump.

But I’m worried about the Covid too.

A lot less about Covid than about donnie, though.

But there are real plusses to all of this.

It’s nice to be able to worry all the time.

But being safe is very rewarding too.

Sure beats being happy.

I worry about all that voter fraud out there also.

I guess all of our elections in Washington State have been rife with voter fraud.

Since we are an all VBM state.

Have been for years.

But that form of voting is out of conformity with valid voting procedures.

donnie said so recently.

He likes states that only let white fascists vote.

He usually rails on and on:

"Voting by mail and all; train loads of illegals all been seen at the Safeway buying stamps and all; it's a disgrace".

It’s good to have a president that sees things right.

Hope we open up all the bars pretty soon.

I understand donnie and mikey have found a few hundred counties in the country without infections, so we can open everything up they say.

‘Course there aren’t any people in those counties, either.

But no infections either.

That's data.

That's science.

That's gerrymandering.

So donnie and mikey want to open everything up.

mikey may not, but what he wants is opaque at best and non existent most likely.

He's kind of a sponge bob from indianna, sort of a protoplasmic manifestation.

If the mikey and donnie show can’t convince everybody to stop sheltering in place, donnie is telling his supporters to shoot to kill.

He's been raving about Second Amendment rights and locking people up and all of that: you know, people like "that woman" from Michigan.

That was an easy sell; he told mikey not to talk to "that woman"; mikey is afraid of women, so he was pretty agreeable.

But back to the story here.

I am sure they they will.

Shoot to kill.


And Ol' Mitch and the boys can say that Ol' donnie and Ol' mikey were just upholding their constitutional responsibilities.

They can say it.

And I'm sure they will.

Say it.

But that will be a lie just like everything else that the slime that is masquerading as the Party of Lincoln has said for years.

I’m writing this from under the bed.

I think there’ a real cat in here with me.

I have been learning cat as a backup to having to listen to donnie bullshit.


  1. This is one of my most favorite. It really made me chuckle when I read it in your voice how I thought you were saying it!