Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Young And Fragile Democracy?!

 I was just having a glass of wine, stirring my pasta sauce (shallots, olive oil, garlic and Pomi tomatoes) and watching the PBS Newshour.

Things with the Newshour had been going predictably including the fact that Judy Woodruff had just commenced an interview with Kelly Anne Conway.

I was half paying attention: Kelly Anne is a dose too far for me.

But I thought I heard her say something.

I was SURE that I had heard her say it.

But to be sure, I rolled back my You Tube video of the Newshour to hear it again.

She really said it.

She said "we have a young and fragile democracy...".

I don't think she is that stupid.

I don't think she is that uninformed: the United States is the oldest, and - we all have thought - most durable democratic republic in the world.

1787 was Constitution adoption.

And being sure I am correct in not thinking that Kelly Anne is stupid, I have chills: donnie, Mitch and the boys are actually planning a coup d'état.

They are going to say we are too new to self rule and our institutions of self rule are so "fragile" that we need to have caretakers to take care of us.

Please read The Invention of Russia.

That aside, please, please, please don't think that just because donnie is plug stupid, that donnie isn't cunning.

He has created a situation in which Covid 19 can rage unchecked because he wants to keep people from the voting booth.

He has his fat faced, toothy factotum in USPS so that the Postal Service can't be a back up to the voting booth.

Now that we know that his closest advisors - probably Larry Kudlow - are going to try to sell that we are young and fragile on the world stage, we MUST ALL VOTE NO MATTER THE COST.

That is such unmitigated bullshit that even the cretins and the christians ought to be too smart to swallow that we are a "young and fragile democracy".

But, now we know: Kelly Anne has spilled the beans.

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