Saturday, April 22, 2023

An Untenable Position To Take

The militia component of the blowup in Sudan are a product of and pretty much the sole participant in the Darfur genocide.

Rape, looting, mayhem and death are their calling cards.

As should be the case in the sort of nightmare that those facts indicate to be imminent in Khartoum, non Sudanese are scrambling for the exit.

The Saudis are already home.

Jordan looks to be next.

The US State Department has indicated that it has its best people working on getting US diplomats and staff out ASAP.

State has also said that non-embassy-staff Americans are on their own.

"We've been telling them for weeks not to go there, or, if they are there, to get out" a State spokesman said this morning.

That sounds reasonable; we all are responsible for our actions, and need to accept their consequences.

But that apparently reasonable point of view is flawed to the brink of profound stupidity.

I'm pretty sure the republicans are already polishing their sound bites.

"Another Afghanistan" rails one.

"Impeachable incompetence" rails another.

"Worse than 9/11" chimes in a third.

And in hours the airwaves and five-g waves and underground fiber waves of the nation will contain nothing but lies, hate and conspiracy accusations, all aimed at a president who thinks he is sitting on a reasonable proposition.

Get ALL Americans out, post haste.

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