Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Curious Confluence Afterward Three: The Door–Journal Entry

I sat there only for a moment. Then I went to the door of my apartment, opened it and went out, not even going through the double latch process of closing it. I wasn’t expecting to return.

The windows of the door below me, the one I had entered previously and after having entered through it had encountered the circle of bonfires, was glowing furiously. “The bonfires” I thought.

I put my hand on the latch and entered.

I was in the woman’s abode of furs and stones. The fire was still glowing and Moustache was lying at her feet where she lay in the bed. I felt a wave of something resembling joy. It was an intense feeling of rightness, of belonging, of being where I should be.

A huge smile broke out on her beautiful face. The green eyes momentarily seemed to be intent on incinerating some part of me. Then something happened. A look crossed her face. It was a look that transmitted a sense of something between amusement and mystery. It was a look that I thought I had seen many times before. It was a look that I wanted to see many times again.

“You came back” I heard in my head.

“Great grasp of the obvious” I thought back.

She actually laughed at that. It was a sound of unmitigated gaiety.

“I’ve got a million of ‘em.”


“We need to get out of here. We need to get out of here right now.”

“I thought you’d never figure it out” I heard in my mind. It was a different voice. It was the voice that I had begun to recognize as that of Moustache.

I looked directly at him. He did one of those dog yawns that says “OK things seem to be going about as they should. I’m happy with that.”

And then he did a fade.

In his place was a mouse. The mouse winked. The mouse gave a “thumbs up”. The mouse became a kitten. The kitten looked at me and said “the best is yet to come”.

And then Moustache - the dog - was back in non-faded full form.

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