Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Curious Confluence: Afterward Twelve Saigon 7 March 1967 – Journal Entry

We went home after the mezzanine bar.

We became one as soon as we entered her place – my new home.

We made it as far as the floor barely inside the entry way in front of the couch. For reasons I was unable to divine – I think she could, but I couldn’t – that is as far as we got. Clothes, the few necessary in such a hot climate, were divested with abandon. And hours of something that I had never known, but of which images from a dimly lit place kept recurring, ensued.

Being spent can have a number of manifestations.

I would never have known were it not for those hours on the floor how ecstatically wonderful one of those manifestations might be.

That evening we went “downtown”.

I had suggested The Mayfair.

The Mayfair turns out to be her favorite restaurant.

I was going for the onion soup.

We both had the onion soup, but we also had something I would not have expected.

We had something called – The Mayfair being a French restaurant – Saumon avec champignons.

It was delicious.

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