Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Curious Confluence Chapter Thirty Seven: The Flash Point

What that was – what was happening in that other flint – has put the cap on my existence. Pre-what-it-was, I have lived a normal self-centered sort of life. Post-what-it–was, I have found the need to act pretty much as did the boatman.

And I have no idea where that need might be going to lead me. But I believe that my continued existence depends upon my finding out where it might be that I am being led..

What I saw in the second flint was the woman again.

She was being brought into the arena of the circle of fires and was being followed by the dog. The dog’s tail was between his legs. He was looking around as if he were human, and as if he expected some sort of redress or salvation.

But perhaps that is assigning human traits to a situation of merely high stress. I have no idea, but that is what I saw.

And then they all were brought together at the head of the oak table-bed.

And all of a sudden I could understand – in my head – what was being said.

“This woman and her mate are evil, and she must have a fate similar to that of her mate. He was banished from the island; and he returned; and he was dealt with. So also must she be dealt with."

I winced at the memory of her mate’s blood spattered demise.

The one speaking was Gargantua. He had that same weapon with which he had begun the slaughter of the boatman. He was surrounded, the same as on the beach, by his henchmen, all of whom were similarly armed.

They brought the woman to the oak device and forced her upon it and strapped her to it with multiple heavy straps of something – probably leather – across her body from neck to feet. The dog climbed up to be at her feet.

The fires seemed to rise in anticipation of the impending event.

I must act.

I am going to enter that door again and let the chips fall where they may. I had a standoff with Gargantua once. Maybe I can best him again.

Anyway I am going to die trying.

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