Wednesday, January 22, 2014

An Imaginary Interview in Kiev

Today the ongoing and heroic resistance movement of the Ukrainian People took a turn for the worse.

It took a turn to the different.

It took a turn to the fatal.

Two people were killed by the army/police.

In some manner two died, no matter how much the authorities claim that there have been no real firearms, only guns firing rubber bullets.


Two people are apparently dead.

I also heard an interview with a man who has one less eye thanks to being shot with a rubber bullet.

So maybe rubber bullets aren’t so benign.


I have been interested in affairs in Ukraine since the Orange Revolution.

Probably due to that interest, when the essential details outlined above began to appear in news in the United States I began to have flights of fancy.

I fancied hearing an interview.

Clark Kent, an on-the-streets-of-Kiev reporter from InterGalactic News Corp. is interviewing Alexi Adamczak.


“So, Alexi, why are all you people out in the streets causing all of this trouble?”

Alexi stares at him for a pregnant set of moments.

Then he speaks.

“If your country had only recently escaped the Soviet Union and had just been given the opportunity to become affiliated with the West, with the European Union, and – one would hope – to ultimately join the European Union; to move to a civilization with a rule of law, with a stable political system and with a high and improving standard of living, and if your leader chose instead to go back to the thugs of oppression, to, as a horse always does, run back into the burning barn, what would you do.”

In my fantasy, Clark just looks stupid.

Fade to black.

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