Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Think I Doubt It

I like Chris Christie. 

I pity him for being trapped in a cult that requires that he make irrational pledges and to make wild assertions based on nothing but fantasy for him to ascend to electoral opportunities on the national stage.  And due to those cult requirements there is not a circumstance under which I would ever vote for him. 

But I like Chris Christie.

Having said that, I come out on the doubtful side concerning his press conference protestation today that he had no knowledge of the GW Bridge/Ft. Lee caper and, worse, that his Deputy Chief of Staff - Bridget Anne Kelly – had lied to him about (I guess – I am not clear on what she lied about) having had any involvement in the great traffic jam.

I had the privilege during my IBM career of working for a guy who is a lot like the Governor.

I know the intense sense of loyalty that that sort of style, that that sort of personality extracted from me.

I also know the sort of loyalty that was naturally proffered to me in return.

I also know the sort of communication that that sort of relationship fostered.

After not really being very interested in the whole Fort Lee hoorah for most of its lifespan, today, after Christie’s news conference I have been unable to shake a concatenated state of analytic comparison of my relationship with that one time IBM boss and the relationship that Christie’s account of events seems to imply that he had with his top aid.

That concatenation comes up with an un-bidden reaction.

I doubt it.

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