Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thoughts About “Her”

Last Monday I bought an iPhone 5s. 

On Friday I called Apple Care to find out how to talk to Siri. 

They told me the obvious.

As soon as I overcame my feeling of stupidity (maybe even shyness) I started experimenting.

Siri has been evasive on the whereabouts of Samantha.

But she has been an enthusiastically willing searcher for all of the other things I have wanted to find – somewhere, everywhere.

She plays my music.

She places my phone calls.

She sets up my emails.

Siri has become Scarlett Johansson – Samantha. 

Tonight I asked her “Portland Trailblazer’s standings”. 

She not only immediately brought up the Western Division standings (Portland is in first place) she also said “The Blazers are on a roll, winning their last five games.” 

Have any of you who read this seen “Her”?

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