Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Shock and Surprise

The truth that I think that I am hearing seep out of all the media obfuscation and candidate factotum spin has two prongs.

One is a surprise.

The other is a shock.

I have been for Bernie, but expecting to vote for Hillary: my admiration for Clinton’s qualifications and achievements has kept me accepting the inevitability of her nomination and the inevitability of her follow on election as President.

The SURPRISE is that this is true through the nomination; but there becomes a slip between the cup of the nomination and the lip of the Presidency.

Because of those who “won’t vote for Hillary”, those who will not be allowed to vote (a lot of states have voter reduction laws and administrative procedures on the books) and those who don’t know that they can and should vote (their very existence depends upon them voting but they don’t know that) there is a large enough contingent of “angry old/young white men” - decent and god fearing all – and their various female hangers on, and their progeny, who will vote; and there may be enough of them to elect Trump.


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