Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Boardwalk At The Ferry Terminal Again

I had breakfast at the Island Café in Anacortes: chorizo and eggs; the guy on the grill got it just right and there was a lot of it and I was going to eat all of it; so I took quite a bit of time eating.

That gave me a lot of time to read the current issue of The Economist.

After four articles that were all related in one way or another to the United States’ presidential campaign I was so unsettled that I needed a jar of scotch.

But it was only 1030 and I haven’t gotten to drinking anything except bloody maries before 1700.

So I reached the ferry terminal in a state of  un-tempered mental unrest.

A walk on the boardwalk through the tidelands fixed that.

Here are a few pictures from that walk.

anacortes harbor view 052916 00000

anacortes wetland 052916 00000

anacortes nootka rose 052916 00000

anacortes butterfly 052916 00000

Later, after making the crossing to the island, I saw some oyster catchers from the tombolo.

lopez oyster catcher 052916 00000

lopez oyster catcher 052916 00003

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