Sunday, January 15, 2017

A Peek At What’s Going To Just Keep On Happening

I just heard a republican from Minnesota interviewed on NPR Week End Edition Sunday.

It didn’t take long to divine the shape of things to come.

There will be no changes; the republican template for talking about what to do about all the things that are wrong with the United States remains the same:

Assert without basis a frame for the issue.

Insert lie one.

Insert lie two.

Beg the question (offer as proof that which bears proof and hasn’t had any such proof).

Re- assert – now with basis – (got away with it already, right?) the previously asserted frame.

Insert lie three.

Insert lie four.

Decry the democrats for not having worked with the republicans for the last eight years (new issue just framed).

Jovially state that of course the republicans look forward to working with the Democrats (lie number five).

Decry the press for framing all issues in favor of the Democrats.

Summarize with a summary frame.

Insert lie six.

Insert lie seven.

Say how nice it has been talking to the press (lie eight).

Exit stage right.

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