Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Great News Conference That Wasn’t

As the long awaited and long promised new conference began to unfold today I had the following thoughts.

Last night we heard a President talk about an America he wishes existed; I so wish also; but that America does not exist; the real America is the one that is allowing the conduct of a farce such as that currently underway.

And that America thinks truth is being told, facts are being proffered, and questions are being answered.

That America are fans of fiction and they are getting it in mass doses.

And since we can't hear the questions being asked, the answers are meaningless..

All that is going on is that trump gets to invent lies to answer questions we can't hear.

We know they are lies due to their source; we just don’t know what they are lying about.

I am not surprised, just appalled.

But in the big picture, I guess once we have moved to an all fiction, all lies government and world view, it really doesn’t matter.

We are so fucked no matter how you look at it.

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